Powerful Tools For Cleansing Your Sacred Space

Clearing and cleansing your space is similar to cleaning your house, the result is that you feel better as your space is clear and clean from clutter. Clearing and cleansing is a crystal ritual that allows you to remove any unwanted and stale energy that may have accumulated in your space over time. Whether you are cleansing the energy of your house, your energy, or your crystals, there are different ways to do this. Before beginning any crystal work or placing crystals, it's a good idea to clean and cleanse your space, so you have the ideal place to work. Your environment is a mirror image of what is going on inside of you. When you cleanse and clear your space, you are simultaneously clearing your body, mind, and spirit. Cleansing your space is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to shift the energy in your life.

To start, you want to open the curtains, raise the blinds, open the windows, and allow the natural sunlight and fresh air into your space. Clean and sweep the front doorstep or the entrance of your house to help keep the energy leading into your home clean, positive, and uplifted. Some of the tools for cleansing can include sage, sound, Frankincense, Palo Santo, and sea salt. You can use one of the tools mentioned or you can combine them for additional layers of effectiveness.

Sage. Sage has been used since ancient times and is an excellent cleanser. Sage smudge sticks were traditionally used in First Nations and Native American ceremonies. Burning sage is a way to help drive away any negative energy and to restore balance. Smudging with a sage stick gives off purifying smoke which can be used to cleanse a space, person, crystal, or object of negative energies or influences. When the smoke clears away, it takes the negative energy with it. Smudging with sage is an easy way to help uplift energy. Before using new crystals, you can Sage them. When using a sage stick you'll want to have a fireproof container, an Abalone Shell works well, to catch any ashes, and to put the sage stick out when done.

To cleanse your space or home with sage, open all the windows and the front door to allow all of the negative energy to be released. Start at the front door and smudge all around the door, moving inside, Sage the house moving in a clockwise direction throughout the space you are cleansing. Make sure to waft the smoke all around to include the corners and the ceiling too. When finished, put the sage stick out into the fireproof container or shell.

Sound. There are a variety of sound options that you can use to cleanse and clear your space, crystals, and self. There are Tingsha Tibetan cymbals, Tibetan bowls, bells, clapping your hands, drums, chants, and music that you can use. Sound creates a sonic vibration that can help to remove unwanted or negative energy. Using sound helps to wake up stale energy that might be lingering in a house. Start at the front door of your home and work your way through the house in a clockwise direction. Whichever sound you use, do it three times in each corner of the room. Easy energy cleanses that you can use to play some chanting mantras or classical music in a room that needs it.

Frankincense. Frankincense is a resin that is extracted from the Boswellia tree that is found in Arabia, India, and North Africa. It helps to remove negative energy from a space, offers protection, and creates spiritual awareness. It can be used to ease anxiety and stress, lift moods, and purification. To use Frankincense, it is best to place it on top of a burning piece of charcoal. The charcoal pieces are self-lighting with an indentation on top where you will place the Frankincense. Make sure to place the charcoal on a fireproof surface to avoid leaving a burnt spot. Allow the smoke to permeate anywhere that you wish to clear the energy; this can include your space, a crystal, or yourself. Be careful.

Palo Santo. Palo Santo means holy wood in Spanish. It is a sacred wood that comes from Palo Santo trees in South America. When the wood is burned, the smoke is thought to provide medicinal and therapeutic energy. It is used similarly to sage with the smoke cleansing your space, yourself, or crystals. Walkthrough your space in a clockwise direction, making sure to waft the smoke throughout.

Sea Salt. Salt is a good way to absorb negative energy. It can also be used to repel unwanted spirits in space. To use, pour equal amounts of salt and water into four small containers. Place each container in the four corners of a room and let them sit for at least 24 hours. The saltwater mixture will absorb negative and unwanted energy. After you are done, pour the saltwater mixture down the toilet and flush away the absorbed negative energy.