Seven Of The Best Crystals For Travelers

When traveling, it's nice to bring along some comforting items that remind you of home wherever you go. Crystals can do this for you and bring you a sense of consistency since traveling can be full of unpredictability and new experiences that can cause some anxiety. If you already have a few crystals that you consider to be favorites, you can choose those and call it a day. But certain specific crystals have great energy for protecting you while you're traveling and they are great talismans to bring along on your journey. The following are 7 crystals you might consider.

Moonstone. Known as the traveler’s stone it is said to help you keep track of your belongings, making it perfect to wear or bring with you on your journey. You might wear a piece of Moonstone jewelry, or bring a piece along with you. It has a calming energy.

Obsidian. This is a protective stone and that can guard your energy and aura while traveling. It's also great for helping you have your wits about you so that you're not swindled or talked into any situations you're not completely comfortable with.

Malachite. If you're afraid of flying, this is a great stone to bring with you since its energy helps to calm your nerves and relieve anxiety.

Amethyst. This stone can help you relax when you're feeling nervous about your travels. It also helps to protect you from negative energy so you can enjoy your travels and will help you sleep better too since it can be difficult sleeping in a new bed.

Shungite. This is a great stone for grounding, so you'll want to carry a piece around with you when traveling, especially if you are going from place to place and changing locations a lot. It's easy to feel frazzled while away so Shungite will help take the edge off a bit. It can also help ground you after a long flight and help to ease jet lag.

Howlite. This is a great nervous system soother, just hold onto a piece of it and remind yourself that you are safe and protected while flying or traveling.

Jasper. If you're driving in a car and you are prone to motion sickness, you can have a piece of Jasper to help you out since it holds the energy of stability.

Try bringing some of these crystals with you on your next trip and see if you notice any difference.