Taurus Crystals: The 10 Best Healing Stones for Taurus

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We’re all drawn to crystals for their beauty and their various healing properties, but did you know that your zodiac sign along with its corresponding planets, elements, and characteristics also play an important role in crystal healing? Crystal healing is using the properties of certain minerals and stones for the benefit of stabilizing the mental, physical and emotional states; incorporating healing crystals into your daily life and spiritual practices is always a great idea. The way we are affected by our zodiac sign and the characteristics that fall under it can tell us so much about the type of healing we require on a daily basis. Our strengths and weaknesses are impacted on many levels by different types of crystal stones and their properties. For every zodiac sign there are character flaws to address as well as high points to strengthen and in turn, a corresponding crystal. In this article we will discuss the best Taurus crystals and how people born under this zodiac sign can benefit from their energies. 

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th) 

Element: Earth (fixed)

Ruling Planet: Venus 

People born under this zodiac sign tend to be calm and level-headed for the most part, but their emotions can become sporadic in difficult situations. They enjoy their solitude and respect honesty in other people and relationships when they decide on having company. Ruled by the energies of Venus, these people are very much inclined to be hard-working, loving, and passionate and their Venusian influence makes them sensual creatures; this often exudes from their mannerisms and their persuasive abilities. Taurus takes pride in hard work as well as reaping the benefits, so they often treat themselves whenever possible. Although Taurus is open-minded when it comes to new ideas, they are mostly fixed in their decisions and are hard to sway, but this also makes them loyal, dedicated, and honest companions. They are generous and loving, while also being aggressive and passionate about their beliefs. For these reasons, crystals relating to the element of Earth as well as the planet of Venus are the best companions for bullheaded Taurus, reminding them to step back and take a moment to clear their thoughts whenever hot-headedness surfaces. Below is a list of the best Taurus crystals suited to people born under the zodiac sign and Taurus season in general, along with their healing properties.  

The Ten best Taurus Crystals


It is best known for its durability and protective energy as well as its ability to minimize excessive behavior. It opens the heart chakra and promotes harmony, amplifying Taurus’s caring nature as well as stabilizing their mood swings. For Taurus, who is always chasing a dream or project, this stone brings good fortune. 


It is a stone of protection that balances emotions and absorbs negative energy. It lends courage and stability to the wearer while promoting self-expression and introspection – perfect for overcoming mental blockages and becoming a better you. This stone helps Taurus to sort through their thoughts, say what they mean, and mean what they say. This Taurus stone unblocks the heart chakra, making the wearer more receptive to love. 


It motivates, energizes, endures, and repels negative energy. It lends courage and motivation to the wearer while promoting success in all endeavors. This stone is perfect for hard-working Taurus as it provides the energy needed to accomplish difficult tasks as well as the cleansing necessary to remove the negative energy that lingers behind after others have come and gone. This Taurus stone corresponds to the Root and Sacral chakra. 


It is a powerful healing stone that helps to repair emotional damage, broken relationships, and imbalanced moods. For Taurus, with their shifting energy, Rhodonite helps to keep you grounded and protected. It banishes negative thoughts and restores balance to the mental state, relieving panic attacks as well as emotional chaos. Rhodonite complements Taurus’s generous nature, reminding them to give before they take. This Taurus stone also helps to open the heart chakra. 

Lapis Lazuli

It is a stone of honesty and communication, making it a great choice for reserved Taurus. It opens the throat chakra and helps to strengthen relationships with those around them while helping to open up to new people and situations. For all their confidence and firmness in their beliefs, Taurus can sometimes come off as proud or egotistical. Lapis Lazuli helps to reform their sense of reality and keeps them open to new ideas by revealing truths they might have been previously unaware of. This Taurus stone corresponds to the throat chakra. 


It is a banishing stone. Whereas some healing stones are used to amplify energy, Variscite is used to remove energy. For these reasons, it is considered highly protective with powerful healing energy. It is believed to cure ailments and keep negativity away. For Taurus’s moments of hot-headedness, this stone will help to calm anger and remove any unwanted feelings or thoughts. This Taurus stone also opens the heart and throat chakra. 

Clear Quartz

It is a cleansing stone with powerful healing and purifying energies. It relates best to the crown chakra, promoting clarity of the mind and introspection. Clear quartz banishes unhealthy energy and helps one to become more connected with their spirituality. This Taurus stone complements Taurus’s inclinations to look within and helps them to keep their emotions balanced by allowing them to see a situation more clearly. 


It is a communication stone of honesty and fairness. It helps to neutralize difficult and heated situations which Taurus often tends to find challenging. It is a cleansing crystal that helps to keep the wearer open and understanding. This Taurus stone opens the throat chakra, promoting healthy self-expression as well as open-mindedness. 


It is a balancing stone that is also known as fool’s gold, but it doesn’t just bring good luck in a material sense, it also enriches the wearer with emotional positivity. This stone is very truth-revealing and allows Taurus to look past illusions and into reality. While it protects one from negative thoughts, words and actions, Pyrite will also bring clarity and aid intellectuality. This Taurus stone corresponds to the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

The stones listed above are most effectively worn as jewelry as this keeps their energy close to the wearer, but they can also be used in mediation and spiritual healing practices. They can be kept in the home or in your car, as well as in your pocket. Just remember to keep them cleansed and charged! 

Taurus Crystal Pairings 

Most healing crystals can be paired to combine their energies for various purposes. For example light can be combined with dark or two stones of a similar color, but be careful when pairing stones of the same energy as this can sometimes lead to drastically high or low emotional states. Below is a list of Taurus crystal pairings best suited to this energy and their areas of healing. 

Green Jade and Rose Quartz are both healing stones in matters of the heart. They unblock the heart chakra and promote love and luck on all levels, allowing Taurus to dive headfirst into their endeavours and come out winning. This combination provides the perfect balance of head and heart to stabilize Taurus’s rational and emotional energies. Pair these stones for Love Healing.   

Rose Quartz and Selenite pairing serve to amplify loving and cleansing energies. While rose quartz promotes universal love, selenite purifies energy and amplifies the properties of the other. Pair these stones for mental and emotional clarity as well as healing in all areas. 

Green Jade and Selenite is a combination for powerful harmonizing energies. Jade promotes peace and unity in all relationships, while selenite charges and purifies energy on all levels. With its amplifying properties, selenite boosts the healing energies of Jade, instilling tranquility in all areas of our life. This pair helps Taurus to overcome obstacles in friendships, relationships and family affairs while promoting serenity in the home.  

Rose Quartz and Black Obsidian is a protective and loving combination. Black obsidian’s ability to ground energy complements rose quartz’s properties of healing in matters of the heart. It provides calm and stability where it is lacking and keeps the heart chakra open and rooted in sensibility, so that Taurus is able to make clear-headed decisions without the interference of emotional chaos. Pair these two when you’re feeling impulsive or emotionally stagnant. 

Green Jade and Black Obsidian, with both stone’s protective and grounding energies makes this pair an optimal choice for balancing wisdom and perspective. Black obsidian has a low energetic vibration which complements jade’s ability to stabilize and soothe the mind. This pair brings peace and reassurance to Taurus’s busy mind. Combine these stones to banish negativity and bring good fortune in all aspects. 

Additionally, the Taurus crystals listed previously can also be paired with either Black Obsidian for added protective energy or with Selenite for amplified properties as well as added clarity. From April 20th to May 20th, the sun is in Taurus. This is called Taurus season and everyone is affected by its energy, regardless of their zodiac sign. It’s important to understand and address how Taurus’s energy impacts us so we can better adapt to this time and work to overcome the trials they bring. If you’re a Taurus, you’re more likely than most to feel these energies in a much more powerful way. Utilizing Taurus Crystals and their healing energy in meditation and other forms of spiritual therapy will assist in alleviating most if not all of the negative effects of this time as well as helping to improve your character in a more long-term sense. 

Cleansing and Charging your Taurus Crystals

Every person who has handled a crystal, has involuntarily made an energetic impression upon it, which will in turn be inevitably passed on to you. So even though some stones cleanse and charge themselves, and unless you’ve personally mined for them and they have  come directly from the earth, it’s important to cleanse and charge them yourself. One of the simpler ways to cleanse and charge your crystals is by giving them a bath in either regular water or moon water and then leaving the stones out in sunlight for anywhere between three hours to three days. Most healing crystals can also be paired with selenite to cleanse, charge and amplify their energies. You can even go a step further and repeat the process of cleansing in a water bath that’s been left under moonlight and then follow up with drying them in the sun. After each time you’ve cleansed your crystals, it’s also important to form a bond between yourself and the stones. Bonding with your crystals is quite simple. In the same way that healing stones lend energy, they also absorb it so in order to make a stone your own, simply hold in your hands, meditate with it and wear or carry it often. This imprints your energy on the stone, forming a bond that allows for smooth communication between the crystal and the wearer.