The 5 Best Crystals for Pisces Season

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Pisces season, the time of overthinking, overstressing, and mental breakdowns. But it can also be a very enlightening time if we can just figure out how to sit still and calmly think things through. Each year, the sun is in Pisces from February 18th to March 20th and it can be a challenging time for most people, especially those born under the star sign itself. However, even if you aren’t a pisces you’ll undoubtedly feel the effects of this energy. Pisces are some of the most empathic and emotionally sensitive people of all the zodiac signs, so when the sun moves into this sign we inevitably become more aware of our feelings. This can mean that we become more prone to misunderstandings, taking things too personally, and blowing things out of proportion. If you can manage to take the time to fully understand yourself and where your misguided feelings are coming from, you’ll elevate yourself emotionally and become stronger over the months to come. If anyone has the ability to heal themselves, it’s a pisces which makes this season perfect for overcoming those long-endured obstacles and letting go of anything which no longer serves. Having the proper state of mind and tools can help greatly, and when have healing crystals ever led us wrong? Here are some of the best crystals for Pisces season. 

Amethyst is best known for its ability to enhance the reaches of the mental state and open the third eye. It can also help to release unhealthy habits, relieve insomnia, and unlock the meaning of dreams. As the astrological birthstone for pisces and one of the most popular healing crystals, this majestic purple quartz is a stone of manifestation. Because pisces is a water sign ruled by the illusory Neptune, people born under this sign tend to be a little flighty and look to escapism when things get a little rough, but they are also exceptional healers. Amethyst can help by opening the third eye and crown chakras, allowing you to connect with your higher self and find your life’s purpose. Since amethyst promotes growth, level-headedness and clear thinking, it’s the perfect stone for anyone working towards releasing addiction and other negative habits, especially during pisces season. 

Labradorite is a crystal which separates reality from illusion, so there’s no confusion about what you should or shouldn’t give your attention to. It enables us to see the bigger picture and is great for meditation and boosting insight. Because pisces feel so deeply and expansively, and because they are boundless and susceptible to delusion, labradorite is helpful in the sense of it being a powerful ‘illusion-buster’. Within its gorgeous spectrum of iridescent flashes, it can show one who they really are, which is more than just a helper of others. It teaches us that we can still do what is best for others while preserving ourselves, our sanity, and without being so hard on ourselves. Labradorite is most powerful when used in meditation and self reflective sessions, as it helps to stay grounded while recharging the auric field. Working with this iridescent stone is great for stimulating the imagination, which is perfect considering pisces season is all about creativity and artistry. 

Aquamarine is actually the power crystal for pisces as it represents free flowing energy and forward movement, which is exactly what everyone needs this season. Aquamarine cleanses the aura and brings balance to the emotional state, allowing for fewer misunderstandings, conflict, and unnecessary pain. Although its color is blue, it is a stone strongly associated with the throat chakra, helping to tap into those inner stores of communication talent. It is a stone of courage whose soothing energies calm the mind to alleviate stress. Aquamarine is great for pisces season as it clears confusion and strengthens intuition. 

Bloodstone is an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healing stone which heightens intuition and increases creativity. Its protective energies draw out negativity from the environment and keeps you grounded so you can remember to stop and take a breath when things get a little overwhelming. It encourages selflessness (but not too much so you don’t forget about yourself too) and assists in making decisions in the present moment. Bloodstone is great for anyone having trouble adjusting to difficult circumstances as it revitalizes the mind and dispels confusion. 

Citrine is an energetic stone of the solar plexus chakra which brings a little extra energy wherever needed. It is a stone of prosperity and joy which instantly uplifts and clears out negativity. Citrine deflects depression, anxiety, and fear which can often stand in the way of pursuing our dreams. Speaking of dreams, this beautiful yellow stone also motivates and inspires to push you toward accomplishing your goals, all while raising your self esteem and self-confidence. Citrine brings many beneficial energies your way, perfect for pisces season and all pisces in general. 

Meditating with Crystals During Pisces Season can be beneficial in a multitude of ways. It can help us to find healthy emotional release while resolving trauma and promoting healing of the emotional, mental, and spiritual states. Since we are more prone to vices and coping habits during pisces season, meditation is a great way to keep yourself grounded and centered as we navigate these sticky emotional waters. Meditating with crystals for the pisces season will no doubt keep you focused and safe. To make meditation a daily habit, start with 5 – 10 minute sessions at the start of your day, focusing on your breathing and not much else. Try these pisces-themed affirmations: 

  • I can balance work and play. 
  • Within is where I will find my strength. 
  • I am not my addictions. 
  • I am grateful for myself. 
  • I am able to distinguish between mind and heart. 
  • I am able to determine the underlying cause of my emotions.