43-Piece Crystal Collectors Super Kit only $119

Our BIGGEST crystal KIT sale EVER. This collectors kit includes over $500 worth of crystals... all for only $119, it's am amazing limited supply deal that won't last long!

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Included in Set (14 Crystal Points)

(1) Afghanistan Jade Point - Protective, Prosperous, Spiritual.
(1) Cherry Flower Agate Point - Nurturing, Creative, Harmonizing.
(1) Citrine Point - Abundant, Joyful, Energizing.
(1) Clear Quartz Point - Clarity, Amplifying, Manifestation.
(1) Flower Agate Quartz Point - Nurturing, Inspiring, Creativity.
(1) Green Fluorite Point - Cleansing, Focus, Growth.

(1) Labradorite Point - Mystical, Protective, Intuitive.
(1) Lapis Lazuli Point - Wisdom, Truth, Communication.
(1) Obsidian Point - Grounding, Purifying, Protective.
(1) Rose Quartz Point - Love, Compassion, Harmony.
(1) Smoky Quartz Point - Grounding, Calming, Protective.
(1) Sodalite Point - Logic, Intuition, Self-Discovery.
(1) Tourmalinated Quartz Point - Protective, Purifying, Amplifying.
(1) Yooperlite Point - Fluorescent, Mystical, Unique.

Also Included in Set (9 Crystal Spheres)

Crystal Sphere represent wholeness, harmony, and unity, as well as the infinite nature of the universe and the cosmos.

(1) Aventurine - Luck, Prosperity, Creativity.

(1) Dragon's Blood Sphere - Empowering, Strengthening, Healing.

(1) Dream Amethyst Sphere - Intuition, Serenity, Insight.

(1) Lapis Lazuli Sphere - Wisdom, Truth, Communication.

(1) Multicolor Fluorite Sphere - Clarity, Balance, Protection.

(1) Rose Quartz Sphere - Love, Compassion, Harmony.

(1) Smoky Quartz Sphere - Grounding, Calming, Protective.

(1) Sodalite Sphere - Logic, Intuition, Self-Discovery.

(1) Tiger's Eye Sphere - Courage, Confidence, Protection.

Also Included in Set (20 Crystal Shards)

Awesome of jewelery earring or pendant making.

(5) Citrine shards
(5) Amethyst shards
(10) Quartz shards