64-Piece Crystal Kaleidoscope Kit

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Experience the captivating blend of colors, patterns, and energies with our 64-Piece Crystal Kaleidoscope Kit. Dive into a world of joy as you arrange and rearrange an enchanting variety of crystal shapes, sizes, and colors. Cluster them, create grids, or arrange by shape, size, or color—unleash your creativity for maximum enjoyment.

This kit includes 19 points, 9 mini spheres, 16 octahedrons, and 20 crystal shards. Get lost in the mesmerizing possibilities of this abundant set. And don't forget, buying sets offers great discounts—perfect for gift-giving or enhancing your own collection. Discover the delight of our Crystal Kaleidoscope Kit today!



  • AFGHANISTAN JADE - Harmony. Abundance. Vitality.
  • AMETHYST - Tranquility. Intuition. Protection.
  • ANGEL AURA - Spirituality. Transformation. Divine Connection.
  • CITRINE - Abundance. Joy. Manifestation.
  • CLEAR QUARTZ - Clarity. Vitality. Energy Amplification.
  • DREAM AMETHYST - Intuition. Relaxation. Connection.
  • CHERRY FLOWER AGATE - Nurturing. Harmony. Connection.
  • GREEN FLUORITE - Cleansing. Focus. Growth.
  • HOWLITE - Calming. Awareness. Patience.
  • LAPIS LAZULI - Wisdom. Truth. Inner Vision.
  • MOSS AGATE - Growth. Grounding. Connection.
  • OBSIDIAN - Protection. Grounding. Transformation.
  • PREHNITE - Regeneration. Calming. Protection.
  • RHODONITE - Balance. Forgiveness. Emotional Wellness.
  • ROSE QUARTZ - Love. Compassion. Emotional Wellness.
  • RUBY IN ZOISITE - Passion. Vitality. Growth.
  • SMOKY QUARTZ - Grounding. Protection. Release.
  • SODALITE - Intuition. Logic. Communication.
  • TOURMALINATED QUARTZ - Purification. Balance. Spiritual Growth.


  • AMETHYST - Tranquility. Intuition. Protection.
  • AVENTURINE - Prosperity. Luck. Emotional Wellness.
  • CITRINE - Abundance. Joy. Manifestation.
  • CLEAR QUARTZ - Clarity. Vitality. Energy Amplification.
  • DRAGON'S BLOOD - Courage. Strength. Transformation.
  • MULTICOLOR FLUORITE - Intuition. Relaxation. Connection.
  • ROSE QUARTZ - Love. Compassion. Emotional Wellness.
  • SODALITE - Logic. Intuition. Self-Discovery.
  • TIGER'S EYE - Courage. Confidence. Protection.


  • QUARTZ SHARDS - Clarity. Vitality. Energy Amplification. (20 pcs)
  • FLUORITE OCTAHEDRONS - Cleansing. Focus. Growth. (15 pcs) *Note: Due to difficulty in obtaining the purple fluorite, you may receive all green fluorite.

💚 Crystal Point Benefits: Crystal points amplify energy, enhance clarity, foster spiritual connection, balance energies and aid in manifestation.

💚 Crystal Sphere Benefits: Spheres emit energy out equally in all directions. A crystal sphere is thought to emit a high frequency of positive energy due to its symmetrical shape.

💚 Natural Quartz Shard Benefits: Raw crystal shards embody untamed energy, grounding, transformation, and unlocking inner potential for growth and manifestation.

💚 Octahedron Benefits: The octahedron shape, with its eight triangular faces, represents balance, harmony, and integration. It facilitates the flow of energy, promoting clarity, manifestation, and spiritual growth.


Size *All sizes are approximate. *Each one of a kind crystal will vary.
Points Size
📏 3"-4"
📏 7.6-10cm
Mini Spheres Size
📏 1"
📏 3cm
Natural Quartz Shard Size
📏 1"-2"
📏 3-5cm
Fluorite Octahedron
📏 1/2"-3/4"
📏 1.2-1.9cm

MYSTIC LORE, LEGEND & DISCLAIMER: Through the ages, crystals and stones have been collected and prized for their timeless beauty, for their rich history and even their potential spiritual and metaphysical properties! We love the idea that crystals may have mystical properties, but please be aware... nothing we sell comes with any sort of mystical guarantee! 😉


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