Chakras Crystals Quickguide & 7 Chakra Assessment Tool


Discover the Ultimate Chakra Assessment & Crystal Guide!

Are you passionate about understanding and balancing your chakras? Whether you’re a healer, therapist, or simply someone who wants to deepen your own spiritual practice, our comprehensive Chakra Assessment & Crystal Guide is the perfect tool for you. This unique resource offers practical tools, crystal guides, and beautiful coloring pages to enhance your chakra work and overall well-being.

What's Inside?

  1. 7 Printable Chakra Assessment Questionnaires: Assess each of your chakras with detailed, easy-to-use questionnaires. Perfect for personal use, client sessions, or group workshops, these assessments help you identify imbalances and track progress over time.

  2. Comprehensive 8 x 11 Reference Guide: Get instant access to a beautifully designed reference guide, perfect for quick and easy access. This guide includes detailed information on each chakra, their corresponding colors, and a curated list of crystals ideal for balancing each energy center.

  3. Beautiful Coloring Pages: Unwind and engage your creative side with our intricate coloring pages. Inspired by the chakras, these hand-drawn designs provide a relaxing way to meditate and connect with each energy center, enhancing your healing journey.

Benefits of Our Chakra Assessment & Healing Guide:

  • Holistic Healing: Utilize comprehensive tools to assess and balance each chakra, promoting overall well-being.
  • Easy Reference: Keep crucial information at your fingertips with our 8 x 11 downloadable guide, perfect for quick reference during sessions or personal practice.
  • Crystal Clarity: Simplify your crystal selection process with our intuitive quick guide, ensuring you always choose the right crystals for each chakra.
  • Enhanced Practice: Incorporate additional healing tools and techniques to deepen your practice and provide more effective sessions for clients.
  • Creative Relaxation: Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of coloring, combined with the spiritual insights of chakra work.

Who Is This For?

  • Healers and Therapists: Enhance your professional practice with detailed assessment tools and quick reference guides.
  • Spiritual Seekers: Deepen your understanding of your own chakras and discover effective tools for self-healing.
  • Friends and Family: Use these resources to help loved ones achieve better balance and well-being.
  • Creative Souls: Engage in a relaxing and meditative coloring practice that complements your chakra work.

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