Crystal Programming & Activation Guidebook


Unlock the power of your crystals with our Instant Download 77 Page Crystal Programming & Activation Guidebook! Featuring detailed activations for 24 powerful crystals, this guide helps you harness their unique energies for harmony, prosperity, protection, and more.

Perfect for all crystal enthusiasts, this comprehensive resource offers practical steps to enhance your life. Download now and start your journey to balance and transformation!

Crystal Activations:

  • Agate: Harmony Activation
  • Amazonite: Communication Activation
  • Amethyst: Tranquility Activation
  • Aventurine: Prosperity Activation
  • Carnelian: Stability Activation
  • Celestite: Divine Connection Activation
  • Citrine: Abundance Activation
  • Clear Quartz: Energy Healing Activation
  • Fluorite: Clarity Activation
  • Labradorite: Transformation Activation
  • Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom Activation
  • Lemurian Crystal: Cosmic Connection Activation
  • Malachite: Positive Change Activation
  • Moonstone: Intuition Activation
  • Obsidian: Grounding Activation
  • Prehnite: Regeneration Activation
  • Pyrite: Prosperity Activation
  • Garnet: Courage Activation
  • Rhodonite: Heart Healing Activation
  • Rose Quartz: Love Activation
  • Selenite: Purification Activation
  • Smoky Quartz: Stability Activation
  • Tektite: Spiritual Growth Activation
  • Tiger’s Eye: Confidence Activation
  • Tourmaline: Protection Activation

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