Crystal Quartz Skull (Medium Size)


" It is said that crystal skulls have the power to amplify spiritual consciousness."

Crystal Skulls - The Symbol of Regeneration - Hope - New Beginnings

Crystal skulls are both haunting and beautiful. Each skull is cut from a natural piece of clear quartz and will take on the characteristics of the crystal it was created from, both transluscent and milky. Any inclusions are a natural part of the crystal.

There are many things that the crystal skull is said to be used for. Energy and healing are among them, but the skull is also representative of mind power, communication, knowledge and wisdom.  


Medium Size:
Each skull weighs between 1.2-1.4 pounds (imperial) 500 grams (metric)
Approx:  3.5 inches long (imperial)  8.8cm (metric)  
Approx:  2.75 inches high (imperial) 6.9cm (metric)  
Approx:  2.5 inches wide (imperial) 6.3 cm (metric)

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