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💚 Rainbow Peacock Titanium Kyanite

Stone of Strength, Cleansing & Magic 

Rough Natural Crystal Benefits: The natural fan shape of a crystal enhances its energy and spiritual benefits. It promotes positive energy flow, removes negativity, symbolizes openness and expansion, and can be used to direct energy and focus intentions.

Rainbow Peacock Titanium Kyanite Crystal Meanings: 💚 The black kyanite found in Rainbow Kyanite is a stone that activates the powerful Earth Star Chakra and helps to clear energy blockages. It is a grounding and energizing stone that can heighten your vibrational frequency.

💚 Rainbow Kyanite can clear negative energies from other gemstones and does not need to be cleansed. It’s has been used as a powerful tool for shamanic journeying, past-life travel, and interdimensional connection.

💚 The Titanium that makes the rainbow is said to provide us with strength, courage, endurance, and releasing of fear. In terms of crystal energy work, the rainbow colours and power of these kyanite and titanium together help not only to align our 7 chakra, but to help us connect to higher dimensions that exists in the cosmos and also rooted deep with our Mother earth.

💚 The rainbow iridescence of this stone is said to work in magical ways to infuse your aura with the entire rainbow spectrum of light.

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