5 Gemstone Mushrooms Collector Pack

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You will get one of each mushroom, including: carnelian agatequartzrose quartzgreen fluorite and purple fluorite (seen in main photo above)

5 Gemstone Mushrooms Collector Pack

Carnelian Agate is sometimes called the feel better stone. It is thought to help with inspiration, study, memory, and speech. It is believed to bring vitality, compassion, courage, self-esteem, and personal power.

Quartz is sometimes called the stone of crystal clear focus, the crystal of clarity, or the crystal of manifestation. It is believed to elevate the energy of a space, or when placed in a Crystal Grid multiply the energy of the other crystals.

Rose Quartz is said to be the stone of unconditional love, teaching you to love yourself and love other people and beings. It is said to help you gain acceptance of your perceived flaws and imperfections to realize that you are always worthy of love.

Green Fluorite is thought to be a gentle stone, detoxifier, and energizer. It is believed to balance negative energy especially electromagnetic smog from computers and other electronics.

Purple Fluorite is thought to be good for communication and new lessons. It is believed to bring order out of chaos, and increase self-confidence, and calm.

5 Gemstone Mushrooms Collector Pack

This is a stunning and magical collectors set. Featured below: rose quartz, carnelian agate and quartz:

5 Gemstone Mushrooms Collector Pack

Individual gemstone mushrooms are also available (but the best discount is when you purchase the entire set!)

Each gem mushroom is approximately (just shy) of 2 inches tall and 50 grams (2 ounces) in weight.

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