7-Piece Golden Fluorite Personal Power Set

$29.00 $51.00

The Personal Power Manifesting Set, is a powerful collection of crystals that can help you tap into your personal power and manifest your dreams. 

The Personal Power Manifesting Set includes: 
 1 golden fluorite point
- 3 citrine shards
- 3 mini amethyst clusters

Golden fluorite is a powerful crystal that enhances creativity, focus, and clarity. It can help you tap into your personal power and bring abundance and success into your life. Citrine is known as the "Merchant's Stone" and is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and success. It also enhances motivation, creativity, and self-confidence.
Amethyst is a calming crystal that can help alleviate stress and anxiety, promote restful sleep, and enhance spiritual awareness.

Together, these crystals create a powerful synergy that are said to help you manifest your dreams and tap into your personal power. They can be used for meditation, placed on your desk or in your living space for positive energy, or carried with you throughout the day.

In addition, these crystals also add a touch of beauty to any space. Their unique shapes and colors make them a beautiful addition to any home or office. Plus, they can be used in feng shui practices to create positive energy in your space.

MYSTIC LORE, LEGEND & DISCLAIMER: Through the ages, crystals and stones have been collected and prized for their timeless beauty, for their rich history and even their potential spiritual and metaphysical properties! At Spirit Magicka, we love the idea that crystals may have mystical properties, but please be aware... nothing we sell comes with any sort of mystical guarantee! 😉

Golden Fluorite Point
📏 2.5"-4"
📏 6-10cm 

Citrine Shard Size
📏 1"-1.5"
📏 2.54-3.8cm

Amethyst Fairy Cluster

*All sizes are approximate and may vary somewhat.
*Each crystal & stone will vary slightly in appearance. Each beautiful and unique in it's own way.

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