Honey Calcite Chunk


Honey Calcite just brings joy looking at it and holding it. It comes in many hues of browns to golden browns, just as natural honey from bees.  Other names for this stone are amber or golden calcite. 

All Honey Calcite has a semi-transparent finish that gleams when light hits it.

Honey Calcite Chunk

Honey Calcite is thought in new age spirituality to be a stone that connects you to personal power and strength.  It is also said that it can empower you like no other stone, granting ongoing strength to you to meet your goals and your personal power with a feeling of being grounded.

Each and every Honey Calcite generator is unique in its color and size but the one thing they share is their beauty.


Height Approx. 5-7.6 cm (metric) - 2-3 inches (imperial)
Width Approx.  5 cm (metric)  - 2 inches (imperial)
Weight Approx.  350 grams  (metric) 12 ounces (imperial)

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