Howlite Worry Stone


Don't worry! Rub a worry stone instead. Infused with the essence of the crystal gemstone of your choice. Our worry stone collection is a wonderful item to carry around in your pocket.

Howlite Worry Stone

Howlite is considered to be the calming stone. It is thought to be good for communication, action, memory, and study. It is said to help anger and stress.

Howlite is thought in new age spirituality to be closely connected with the Crown, and the star sign for this crystal includes Gemini.

Howlite Worry Stone

In crystal practice, Howlite is a lovely stone to hold during meditation, and a good stone to keep under your pillow when you sleep. Keep a piece in your pocket to absorb your anger and any that is directed towards you.

Our worry stones are 100% natural stone and hand-carved for that authentic natural feel!

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