Large Obsidian Generator


Obsidian is one of the most powerful protective stones. 

WORKING ON Obsidian Generator

These beautiful generators all unique - none are quite the same, however - they share in common, a unique beautiful entirely of their own.

Place your generator in your bedroom, living room, or any room you want to fill with crystal energy.

Obsidian is said to absorb and diffuse negative frequency energies. As such, many people like to keep it in their house to help balance out the energy contained within.

Obsidian is sometimes called the deep soul cleanser, or the protection stone. It is thought to block psychic attacks and negative energy. It is also thought to clarify the mind and clear confusion. It is believed to be good for creativity, and intuition.

Obsidian is thought in new age spirituality to be closely connected with the Root, and Sacral and the star sign for this crystal includes Sagittarius.

This is a large and beautiful generator. Weighing approximately 750g to 1kg (2 lbs) approximately 
24 cm (height) 9 -10 inches. 

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