Rose Quartz Sphere


Our stunning gemstone spheres are a prize in any collection.

Rose quartz teaches us about unconditional love. Love ourselves and love for other people and beings. It helps us gain acceptance of our perceived flaws and imperfections to realize that we are always worthy of love.

Each crystal & stone will vary slightly in appearance. Each beautiful and unique in it's own way.

You get (1) Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose quartz dates back to 7000 BC in Mesopotamia. In ancient times, rose quartz was used in potions and elixirs. The ancient Egyptians thought the stone held anti-ageing powers while the Romans used rose quartz to signify ownership. There have even been facial masks with rose quartz in them found in ancient Egyptian tombs and goddess Isis used it to keep her appearance youthful and beautiful.

Size: Approx. 2.5 inches (imperial) 5-6 cm diameter (metric)
Weight: Approx. 12 ounces (imperial) 300-400 grams in weight (metric))

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