Sodalite Pyramid (Size: Medium)


Our stunning gemstone pyramids are a prize in any collection. These are our somewhat larger pyramids (about palm size).

These crystal pyramids are a wonderful sized stone to carry with you or place around the home. You can use it as a paperweight, they are smooth and polished and feel great in your hand.

Sodalite Pyramid (Size: Medium) - pyramids

Sodalite is thought to be good for creative expression and ideas. It is said to be useful in groups, inspiring harmony, trust, and communication.

Sodalite is thought in new age spirituality to be closely connected with the Third Eye (Brow) and the star sign for this crystal includes Sagittarius.

Place your Sodalite pyramid wherever people gather in your home, it is thought to inspire harmonious, loving group conversations.

Place your Sodalite Pyramid on your desk, workspace, or place where you will see it as a daily reminder to express yourself and communicate clearly and authentically.

Sodalite Pyramid (Size: Medium) - pyramids

Included is one (1) medium size gemstone pyramid which is approx 5-6cm (2 inches) in length & width.

All gemstones will vary somewhat in size shape and color, but all are beautiful and unique as nature makes them.

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