Best Crystals for Crown Chakra

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Our body is a miracle. Physically is capable of unique adaptations according to how we use it. It can change in strength, balance, speed, and coordination. It learns from itself, transcending its own conditions.

Also, it is a highly complex energy system that can perceive and work with higher planes. In a way, our body contains other bodies in itself, more subtle bodies.

This may bring to mind the image of a babushka doll with one body inside the other. But we do not refer to perfect images of our physical body. Instead, we should think of an energy layer present in our material vessel and other planes also. 

An Energy System

Our energy bodies connect through thousands of channels (over 20000 according to the Hindu tradition). These channels start and end in energy centers which are points of power within the body. The Hindus call these points Chakras (wheel). 

The Chakras, or wheels of energy, are said to be 104 in our subtle anatomy. They concentrate the energy that is distributed along the whole body by energy channels. Chakras are in constant motion, absorbing external energy and balancing our own. They are in continuous interaction with everything. Among these, we have 7 chakras that are important centers that receive and transform the energy that sustains our body. The spine is central for your energy body, as much as it is for your physical body, and the chakras are aligned with it. 

They produce different types of energy, more subtle or more telluric quality according to what we need. Our personality, desires, and fears alter and impulse the way our energy system works. When one of them is out of synch, the whole energy rhythm is “out of balance.” If this happens, it is when physical, emotional, or mental imbalances appear.

A Damaged Wheel

A Chakra can become unbalanced by a powerful emotional experience, such as fear, anger, or hopelessness. A bad diet or polluted air may also cause sickness because anything that affects our mind and body affects our energy system.

On a day-to-day basis, due to our rhythm and quality of life, some chakras are usually in imbalance or are generally weaker or low in energy, and we can become sensitive to their energy and feel it in ourselves.

When our chakras are open and perfectly balanced, we feel blissful, at peace, and serenity. We experience a sense of connection with everything that helps us have a more loving and compassionate outlook on life.

When this balance is lost, there are many things we can do:

  • Take a lengthy rest.
  • Take a long walk in nature.
  • Meditate with the best crystals for crown chakra.
  • Practice Hatha Yoga

The Vital Chakras

These are the 7 main chakras of our body. They are the root of different energies but also have a symbiotic relationship to our organs.

Our energy flows through the chakras affected by our personality traits, emotions, and the situations we face. The best crystals for crown chakra can help us navigate more smoothly through all these energetic highs and lows, allowing long-term harmony to develop within us. Harmony and balance are at the core of spiritual practice as they are essential for good health.

We will briefly look at each chakra to picture them in our body and remember a bit of its function before focusing on the crown chakra and its particular aspects.

Muladhara: is our root chakra associated with the adrenal glands. It is the center of the connection with the earth and cares for our basic needs, our feelings of security, and survival.

Svadhisthana: the sacral chakra, associated with the ovaries in women and the testes in men. It is the center of vitality and sensation and takes us from our basic needs to our needs for socialization. It is directly related to the sexual part of the human being.

Manipura: is at the solar plexus, associated with the pancreas. It is our motivation center through which our intentions are established. All the sensations of this chakra are felt in your gut.

Anahata: is the heart chakra, but it is also associated with the thymus. It is the center of empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. Everything flows from it with love and compassion.

Vishuddha: the throat chakra associated with the thyroid. It is our center of expression and communication.

Ajna: is the third eye (located between the eyebrows) associated with the pituitary gland. This chakra is responsible for our imagination, fantasies, and intuition. It is also the source of spiritual visions.

Sahasrara: it is called crown chakra and is related to the pineal gland. 

The crown chakra or seventh chakra is located just above the top of the head. As this chakra is at the highest point of the physical body, it is the point where the spirit introduces the energy to distribute it throughout the body.

This highest chakra is the body area where higher consciousness functions, spirituality, and commitment to higher ideals originate.

Crown Chakra’s meanings relate to spirituality and a higher conception of the self, which connects the individual with pure consciousness and divinity.

It is our door to exceptional knowledge about the essence of spiritual existence. This knowledge is what the ancient Greeks referred to as “gnosis.” This idea of Gnosis does not imply assessable knowledge; it is a knowing of the self, or more specifically, of the nature of the awareness in the human being.

This kind of knowledge is often attained by raising the Kundalini energy through the 7 chakras up the spine. When it reaches the crown chakra, a new perception is made flesh producing an unimaginable change: enlightenment. From this point on, the new perception of the self and the world remains forever.

The Crown of Evolution

The crown chakra is the highest understanding of a person. It is the energy that is more divine than human, the presence of the divine. It is pure awareness. The spiritual energy that enters the body through this chakra also modifies the other chakras’ functioning. The energy body starts a new phase of evolution.

If we look at each of the chakras’ purposes, we may find that this chakra’s qualities seem almost unrelated. It is not there to fulfill a function that interacts with the world in any particular aspect. This is a chakra that exclusively connects us with the “source” or God’s energy, so in a way, it is the culmination and purpose of our existence. 

For instance, when we say that yoga is “union” with the divine, we are implying the use of this chakra. Working with the other chakras is also necessary to work with the crown chakra, as nothing works well out of balance. So if your inner work in other aspects of your life is balanced, you will get fascinating glimpses of your higher self. It will become increasingly apparent a spiritual or metaphysical order within all life.

The ideas and fundamentals of coincidence and synchronization are closely related to this chakra. They can help the growth of true spiritual life.

Those things that seem to happen through extraordinary coincidences, like learning something by “accident” or meeting a teacher or a fellow seeker in a similar path to yours, are guided by something bigger than yourself. This matrix of coincidences may reveal the spirit that helps you see where you are going on your life’s journey.

Even though you haven’t been seeing what the spirit was trying to show you. By increasing your connection with your crown chakra by hatha yoga or, in particular, by meditating with the best crystals for crown chakra, you may begin to develop a different relationship with your intuition and with the world around you.

Chakras and Crystals

Crown chakra stones are of immense value for stimulating the body’s spiritual growth areas or healing particular health problems.

The chakras’ function is to manage specific brain areas, the pineal gland, the pituitary, the nervous system, and all the master glands.

If you want to change your life, you can help yourself by using crystals. Still, it is essential to use the correct crystals or stones related to each chakra’s meaning to obtain the best results.

Before using the best crystals for crown chakra, it is necessary to ensure that all your chakras are aligned. We can do this using kyanite.

Kyanite is the most powerful stone to approach this intelligently and without effort as it will naturally align all the chakras.

The alignment of your chakras must be done frequently. This process heals any unbalance that can become a problem later on and helps release impurities that may enter the energy body. Kyanite comes in many colors, but the more common Blue Kyanite. Indigo Kyanite is recommended for the crown chakra.

These stones are powerful healers. They close any energy gaps that may have been caused by any type of accident, including bone fractures or surgery.

All Kyanite colors emanate powerful energies that stimulate the pineal gland and can activate latent psychic abilities.

Crystals and Colors

Many crown chakra stones are not the chakras’ specific colors. This is true for all chakras. Even though the color is important because it connects to the type of light they have, other qualities proven through time may link them to a specific chakra.

There are many white, purple, and clear stones for this chakra, such as the lovely amethyst crystals.

As this chakra’s energy goes beyond the physical body and governs all the chakras’ functioning, specific crystals for this area’s healing will heal the whole body.

Depending on where you are, some crystals may be easier to find than others. Please keep in mind that what you can find and connect with is perfect for you, and do not obsess about what may be unavailable.

  • Celestite
  • Selenite
  • White Heulandite
  • Nirvana Quartz
  • Herderite
  • Satyaloka Quartz
  • Hollandite Quartz.

These are all the best crystals for crown chakra. A great option is celestite, not only because it is used to remove all energy blockages but also because it clears and empties the mind.

It is an excellent crystal to carry yourself through your daily life. Still, it can also be placed in your home, in each corner of the house, to protect you from negative energies and keep a positive presence.

A Crown Chakra Meditation

We are not separated from the higher realms, nor are we disconnected from our own divinity. We may indeed experience blocks in our energy flow. These prevent us from experiencing the plenitude of the more subtle planes of existence, but they remain within our reach.

In this exercise, we will have a brief experience of an expansion of our awareness.

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.
  • Hold in your left hand your chosen crystal.
  • Keep both hands resting on your lap and your eyes closed.
  • Breath in and imagine a ball of pure white light above your head, just a few inches.
  • Breath in and out while you bring this ball of light into your heart (this is the union of the self and the divine).
  • Once it is in your heart, allow it to expand with every exhalation until it fills your body.
  • Everything around you is now nothing but light, then expand the light in every direction in a neverending stream of pure light.
  • You may get particular feelings or thoughts but allow them to melt in this white light.
  • Do this for a few minutes. Then allow the light to come back to your heart and then up through your crown chakra.

This meditation will extraordinarily clear your mind and empower your divine connection.

A Way of Life

We may find meditation is a perfect approach for understanding our crown chakra and finding our divine connection. Meditation practice is always recommended, but we may use every single one of our activities as opportunities to develop our awareness. We may work on ourselves by becoming conscious of how we live through every situation and how it affects our emotions. If we react with great negativity, we also bring it into our body and block through anger and fear our chakras’ correct function. If we nurture peace and equanimity without repressing our emotions, we will see the fruit of this very soon.

Suppose we are committed to our spiritual growth. In that case, we can turn our space into a reminder of our spiritual goals and our mind into a temple for our spirit. Crystals are an outstanding aid to our evolution as the physical counterpart of our purposes, determination, and hope. And they can accompany us in our home and wherever we go.