Cleansing Your Home (Or Any Space) With Crystals

Making your home feel more peaceful and relaxing isn’t just about keeping it clean and tidy. It’s also about the energy that you bring into your home. Just as your body and items carry energy, your home does too. This means that if the energy in your home is feeling a bit off-balance, stagnant or negative, you may want to do a space clearing. You may have heard about clearing your auric field and clearing your home is much the same. You’re going to be setting intentions for bringing positive energy into your space and releasing negative or stagnant energy.

Why do you want to do this? Think of it this way, with your energy, if you were to sit around for too long, you may start to feel stagnant and even bogged down. Unless, of course, you need the rest and then you should listen to your body and take the time you need. But have you noticed that sometimes the longer you lay around, the more tired you feel? The energy in your body needs to move often to stay vital. So it’s kind of the same within your home. When you leave your home sit with no windows, blinds, or fans on, and you haven’t cleaned it for a while, you might start to notice dense or stagnant energy take hold in your space. This is because energy piles up or pools in the corners of your home and will remain until you cleanse the energy. Clearing your space will get that energy flowing once again and bring good energy back into the home.

How do you clear the energy in your home? Usually, the best way to do this is with a clearing spray or a smudge that is ethically sourced. Since smudging is a practice that belongs to Indigenous people, you want to honor and respect the tradition and only buy smudging materials such as sage from Indigenous sources. So try and find some locally if you can, or order online from an Indigenous business. Use the smudge by putting a bit of it in a flameproof dish and lighting it in the dish. Then walk around the room with the smudge wafting it into the air, especially into the corners of the rooms in your home. Hold the intentions of clearing out the old and welcoming in the new.

You can use crystals to clear the space by holding a crystal such as Clear Quartz or Selenite while you smudge or after you smudge wave the crystal throughout your home to clear up any negative energy that is left behind and to lighten the energy in the home. You can also place crystals like Clear Quartz, Selenite, Kyanite, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz in the corners of your rooms to absorb any negative energy. Also, place crystals close to your door to cleanse the energy from people entering your home.

How often should I cleanse my home? This all depends on you personally and your home environment. If there are high activity and lots of people coming in and out of your home, you may want to cleanse every day. Otherwise, once a week or every time you clean your home is a good idea. Cleansing your home in this way at least once per month can also really help keep your space feeling good. Once you’re finished using your crystals for cleansing your home, make sure you cleanse the crystals too.