Crystals And Sacred Geometry

Crystals have fascinating properties and are connected to the essence of life. They can help you understand more about yourself, acting as powerful tools you can work with to realize your divinity. They have a unique blueprint, kind of like your DNA. That blueprint is governed 100 percent by sacred geometry principles. You can see this in the crystal lattice structure, with how the atoms or molecules are arranged inside.

When using crystals your thoughts and intentions can be amplified. Crystals are built from geometric forms to include squares, triangles, hexagons, parallelograms, rhomboids, or trapeziums. These forms lock together into a variety of crystal shapes, which have generic names based on their internal geometry. A collection of rectangles is a tetragonal crystal, triangles a trigonal crystal, and a collection of squares form a cubic crystal.

Each atom in a crystal is dynamic, consisting of particles that are rotating around a center in constant motion. So, while a crystal from the outside may appear to be tranquil, it is a molecular mass that is vibrating at a certain frequency. This is what gives crystals their energy.

Sacred Geometry is the expression of divine energies within the physical. Crystals form according to specific proportions, harmony, and symmetry. You can find sacred geometry patterns all around in the universe from flowers, shells, and even in the human body. Crystals are among the most perfect embodiment of sacred geometry, with symmetry, order, repetition of a particular blueprint pattern within their structure.

One example of this is Pyrite which often naturally grows as cubes, and has a cubic lattice structure inside. Quartz crystals naturally have six-sided hexagonal habits. Some crystals grow in rivers, others grow through the evaporation of water, like salt or sugar crystals. Some crystals grow in caves such as stalactites and stalagmites which are formed over time as minerals get deposited from the dripping of water. Some crystals grow deep in the inner belly of the earth, with layers of heat and pressure. Crystals form in different ways, but they all form according to sacred geometry. The atoms or molecules come into alignment in the form of a lattice structure.

What makes each crystal unique is the defects within the crystal. The colors and the properties of crystals are different in each crystal because of the defects included in the Quartz structure. Impurities embedded within the lattice is what gives the crystals their character and uniqueness. The crystal defects make every single crystal unique, with no two crystals being alike, crystals have unique blueprints.

Crystals are a useful tool to help center you, ground you, and empower you. Crystals act as a physical representation of your goals and intentions by providing something you can hold and touch and connect with daily.