Crystal Geometry And The Unique Mystical Powers Of Form

Animals. A connection to a pet, spirit animal, or totem, with a movement or flow of energy that brings the qualities of the specific animal to the energy. An example is a bear with energy that influences healing, protection, strength, tranquility, and wisdom. Other crystal animals you might find include birds, boars, butterflies, deer, dolphins, dragons, dragonflies, eagles, elephants, foxes, frogs, lions, unicorns, whales, and more.

Cluster. A crystal cluster occurs when several crystal points grow together on a matrix. A crystal cluster vibrates at even higher energy than a single crystal by directing the energy in multiple directions. Clusters are good for work with families, groups, and teamwork. They cleanse the energy of any room.

Cube. Cubic crystals are associated with the Root Chakra. By placing a cubic crystal formation in each corner of a room you will help to ground, protect, and seal the energy of that space. Cubic formations offer reliable, solid support. The energy in this crystal is equally distributed on the sides but can be more focused on the corners. These crystals can good building blocks which support any type of healing or project.

Geode. Geode crystals are spherical to subspherical rock structures with an internal cavity that is filled with mineral materials. They have a durable outer wall that is more resistant to weathering than the surrounding bedrock. The mineral lining the geode cavity is often full of tiny quartz crystals that may be underlain by multiple bands of translucent grey and white agate. Geodes are great in meditation rooms, creating a focus within the hollow space of the rock, which amplifies as it travels out of the room.

Harmonizers. Crystal harmonizers are polished into cylindrical shapes to hold during meditation. These tools have been used since ancient Egyptian times to cure energy blocks and imbalances. To use, hold one cylindrical crystal in the left hand (yin) and one in the right hand (yang) so your spiritual vitality will be invigorated and balance restored.

Heart. Heart-shaped crystals are reminders that you are always surrounded by love. They help attract love from others and nourish yourself with love from within.

Obelisk. Obelisk crystals are useful as a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, directing the energy towards the sky.

Points. Crystal points are one of the most popular crystal shapes. They are commonly used and beneficial to work with. They are useful for manifestation, helping to manifest your dreams, and intentions when directed up into the universe.

Pyramids. Pyramids are one of the most powerful crystal tools for both amplifying and manifesting energy. This crystal shape has been used by ancient civilizations most notably the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians believed that the pyramids symbolized the Sun's rays. Used in healing and meditation they enhance the size of energy fields and focus the energy at each of its points especially at the top.

Spheres. Crystal Spheres allow for the energy to emit in all directions. The perfect symmetry of the crystal sphere brings about balance, and peace into any environment it is in. They are useful for meditation, hold the sphere crystal in your hand for a deep sense of wholeness, as if you were holding the world in your hand. Spheres equally spread energy all around any space.

Tumbled Stones. Tumbled stones are one of the easiest ways to start your crystal collection. They are readily available and can usually be found at reasonable prices. The good news is that for a minimal investment you can benefit significantly from these pocket-sized crystals. The size of these crystals makes them perfect to fit in your pocket, your car, on your office desk, or tucked underneath your pillow. Use a different tumbled stone each day of the week to get your daily crystal energy.