Which Crystal Is For YOUR Star Sign? Crystals And Astrology

With thousands of different crystals ranging in color, chemical composition, and structure, there are an endless array of crystals to choose from. One way to identify crystals is with Astrology. When you combine astrology with crystals, it has the potential to take your inner wisdom to a whole new energetic level. You might choose crystals for your astrological sign and let them guide you on your journey.

Aries. Complement the fiery and passionate nature of Aries with Carnelian, a bright orange sunstone that boosts creativity and blocks negative energy. Citrine is a crystal that enhances the ambitious and creative nature of Aries with its ability to increase the clarity of thought and purpose.

Taurus. Pyrite is a crystal that brings abundance and prosperity, which complements the practical side of the Taurus astrological sign. Taurus is also ambitious which makes Carnelian a great stone for its confidence-boosting properties.

Gemini. Rutilated Quartz helps keep the dynamic personality of Gemini in balance by connecting them to their higher selves. A Heart Chakra stone, Jade is a stone that brings harmony to the mind and emotions of Gemini, which tend to quickly go from happy to serious.

Cancer. Moonstone helps to bring out the intuitive and sensitive nature of the Cancer sign. Red Jasper also supports the emotional and sensitive Cancer sign by boosting endurance and stamina. Abalone Shell reconnects the nurturing Cancer with the tides of the ocean.

Leo. Garnet is an excellent crystal for the proud lion who loves to be in the spotlight. It helps to ignite the fiery passion within the heart of the ambitious Leo. Tiger’s Eye helps to manifest feelings of confidence and inner strength.

Virgo. This intelligent and detail-oriented sign gets a boost of confidence and determination from Red Jasper, which has a grounding and stabilizing effect on the root chakra. This sign tends to be overly critical, on both themselves or the people in their lives, and Kyanite helps to balance these negative impulses.

Libra. When Libra is pulled in several directions, Lapis Lazuli can help with decision making, and staying focused. Citrine is also beneficial for Libras who strive for peace and harmony, adding a ray of sunshine and optimism to the spirit.

Scorpio. The moodiest and unpredictable sign in the zodiac, Scorpios need calming stones like Amethyst to balance emotions. Malachite also helps speed up emotional healing while Citrine brings a boost of joy and light into the heart chakra.

Sagittarius. The curious mind of the Sagittarian could use a little Bronzite in their lives, especially for its energizing energy that encourages spiritual transformations. The grounding and stabilizing energy of Citrine helps the on the go Sagittarius signs to reconnect with their roots.

Capricorn. This ambitious and determined sign needs energy that boosts the life force, like Garnet, a red stone that invigorates the root chakra. The ethereal quality of Azurite also helps balance the sometimes overly practical and conservative nature of Capricorns.

Aquarius. A sociable air sign, Aquarians should rock out with Aquamarine, a stone that boosts the community spirit by encouraging clear and effective communication. The stubborn nature of the Aquarius can also benefit from Yellow Jasper, which helps heal old emotional wounds that are blocking the heart chakra.

Pisces. A water sign like Pisces should try pairing up with Aquamarine, which stimulates the heart chakra. For the sensitive Pisces, Chrysocolla rocks at soothing heartache, because it encourages the expression of emotions. Amethyst also helps rejuvenate the spirit.