Crystals For Abundance And Prosperity

Manifesting abundance and prosperity with crystals is about opening yourself up to recognize and accept opportunities with confidence. When you approach your life, career, or business with a positive outlook, wealth will follow. Crystals for abundance, success, and prosperity work in a unique way to bring you what you are seeking.

Combining the energy of crystals with your intention is the best way to open your life up to receiving a generous flow of abundance and success. There are several crystals for you to consider, three crystals for attracting abundance and prosperity are Citrine, Peridot, and Pyrite.

Citrine. Citrine is yellow like the sun, it encourages abundance, fun, happiness, joy, and prosperity. It is known as the merchant’s stone, as for hundreds of years merchants have been using it near their cash registers or inside their cash drawer. Some people even put a small piece of Citrine crystal in their wallets, as it is known to bring into alignment the vibrations that allow you to attract and collect money. Citrine energy may inspire you to be better at saving money, spending more wisely, and not losing money.

Citrine crystal has a healthy self-confidence vibration perfect for a happy mood. When you feel happy and you are in a good mood it greatly influences positive results in your life. It's easy to see the connection between attracting abundance and prosperity because healthy self-confidence goes a long way in attracting good things into your life. Citrine is also great for manifestation, it magnifies your powers of will with its get-it-done energy. Citrine helps to make any room happy and light and serves as a reminder to stay positive.

Peridot. Peridot crystal influences the growth of anything. This crystal has prosperity and vitality vibration and is good for health and well-being. Peridot crystal clears emotional blockages that lead to the release of unwanted situations and things in your life. It is useful for space cleansing when you are clearing out old and unwanted possessions. Peridot enhances confidence and self-assertion without aggression. It purifies the physical and subtle bodies, and mind, helping to release old baggage that holds you back.

The abundant energy of the green color of the Peridot crystal helps to attract more abundance into your life. Green is the color that is associated with abundance, so Peridot helps attract this while keeping your heart open and joyful. Peridot has the wisdom that attracts wealth with joy by helping you to follow your true calling.

Pyrite. Pyrite is a beautiful brassy metallic mineral that is also known as Fool’s Gold. Pyrite is good for abundance, confidence, and wealth. The golden shimmer of Pyrite helps you to prosper in all areas of your life, but especially your finances. It boosts your confidence and your inner power to help you achieve your goals and attract money. By clearing away any limiting beliefs, it is an excellent crystal to open yourself up to receive abundance in all its forms. It builds confidence and manifestation energy. If you need take-action energy, this is the crystal for you. Due to its reflective nature, it also holds protective energy, deflecting any negative energy.