How To Create A Crystal Grid

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 A Crystal Grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned crystals that are charged by intention. The crystal grid is set in a sacred space and used to manifest particular objectives. Each crystal chosen for the grid has a precise vibratory frequency and specific energy vibrations used to manifest your intentions. You can manifest almost any intention. You can set up crystal grids to do different things, infuse different intentions and energies. Some of the possible intentions you might set for a crystal grid include prosperity and abundance, health and vitality, romance, self-love, mental clarity, confidence boost, purification and protection, new career, spiritual growth, and world healing to name a few.

To set up a crystal grid you will need the center stone or generator, a template, surrounding stones, a location, and an activation wand. The center stone is an important part of the grid as it is the communicator that acts as the broadcaster for your intentions. The center stone broadcasts your intention into the universe, to the source energy. The center stone will be the most prominent crystal in your grid, it is centrally located and should be larger than the other crystals in the grid. The surrounding stones will depend on your personal preference and the grid design that you choose.

The location of your crystal grid should be a place that you consider special or your sacred space. You might choose a room in your house or an area where your grid will be safe from pets or kids. In this sacred space, you might light a candle or incense, meditate, play calming music, or pray. You might align your grid with the north/south magnetic alignment of the Earth, this way you can take advantage of the magnetic energies of the Earth to help intensify your Crystal Grid. To align your grid you can use an inexpensive compass or if you have a smartphone you may have one available to use. Once you have located Magnetic North, you can align your grid in the same direction as the needle points on your compass.

The activation wand is the crystal or device that will help you to direct your intentions and energy into your grid and to turn the grid on. The wand is an extension of your electric and magnetic fields that are intermingled with its energy which allows you to project your intention into the grid. You can use a crystal, stone wand, or mineral, as it will direct, amplify, and move the energies of your grid. Ideally, you want to use an activation wand that you are also using within your grid to help for ease of communication and transmission. The activation wand can be a natural crystal with a terminated end or a crystal that is cut and polished for specific use as a wand. You can have two to three wands to use for different purposes, dependant on the intentions of your grids.

Clear Crystal Quartz used as your center stone is a good choice combined with a Clear Crystal Quartz wand as it helps to activate your grid and infuses the same properties as your grid. It is a good amplifier. To start you want to make sure that you properly cleanse and charge your crystals and make sure that you do this yourself, so nothing else can interfere with your intentions and your power center. Then you want to clear your sacred space of negativity, by using a sage cleanse and a candle. Next, you want to meditate and put yourself into a relaxed state. Then carefully and respectively place your crystal stones in an arrangement so you want to think with intention starting with your center stone, you might go in a clockwise direction to place your surrounding stones.

Place the crystals in the arrangement, then activate your crystal grid which will link the crystals together energetically. To link your crystals together energetically take your crystal wand and point it at one of your surrounding stones and draw an imaginary line between the crystals while you say an affirmation (slowly and with intention). An example affirmation might be I charge this crystal grid with love and blessings. You'll charge the outer ring of the grid and then you want to charge the entire grid moving the wand as if you are cutting a cake, by drawing from one crystal to the center and back out to the next crystal while you think about and believe in your intention (visualize yourself receiving the intention). You'll want to remember where you start and go in a clockwise direction.