Crystals for Depression

Depression is a constant battle, as those who know understand all too well. It’s a daily challenge to find the motivation and willpower to keep trudging forward, and sometimes we need a little extra magic so we can stop pushing so hard. For uplifting vibes and gentle relief from the mental burden, take a look at 10 of the best crystals for depression. 

Citrine is a splash of sunshine breaking through the dark clouds of the mind. Its uplifting energies will help you swim rather than sink, breaking that murky surface under which depression lives. This luminous healing stone will bring hope and happiness through a shift in perspectives so you can look at life with wide and inspired eyes.   

Clear Quartz has an undeniable way of brightening moods and clearing out the mental clutter. It shines a light on what’s important in your life, so you’re reminded of the beauty in the world around you. This master healer’s augmentative properties boosts energy in the body as well as in the spirit. Give yourself the gift of clarity with clear quartz. 

Moonstone is the crystal equivalent of a nurturing mother and a loving sister. For times when the dark night of the soul seems never ending, this stone of transformation reminds us that the moon has many phases, and to just ride out the tides – these phases are always changing. Tap into your feminine energy and become empowered by the knowledge that you are divine. 

Rose Quartz sings a sweet song to broken hearts, instilling harmony between the mind and the emotions. It replaces grief with understanding and self-doubt with confidence. Learn to love yourself again with this heavenly pink stone and carry on your spiritual journey with nothing less than the highest form of universal love.  

Malachite balances your emotions against your sensibilities and provides the mental clarity necessary to process and release trauma. Level out mood swings, accept yourself for the magical being you are, and find a stable sense of peace with this dark green healing stone. 

Amethyst is the embodiment of peace and calm, in the mind as well as in the soul. This gentle healer brings feelings of balance on every level, inspiring you to tap into your intuition and spirituality. Capture the beauty of the divine and hold it close to your heart through this gorgeous violet crystal. 

Carnelian holds the fire of the sun and pure life energy, lending vitality in times when you feel spiritually, emotionally, and physically drained. It strengthens willpower, endurance, and courage to get through those dark days with renewed passion and motivation. The warmth of carnelian will comfort your soul when you need it the most. 

Lepidolite introduces its soft and soothing energies into your auric field with grace and compassion. It teaches forgiveness and love for the self – intoxication from your own divinity and a new appreciation for who you are as a person. Lepidolite says “you are more than enough” and walks with you into the realms of self-exploration. 

Obsidian, with its heavy protective healing powers lends a firm hand to those seeking a more aggressive approach to healing their depression. If you need a good push out of the darkness, this stone will do just that, commanding you to remember who you are and why you are. Face your shadow self and blossom from the realization that you are your own master. 

Sunstone reminds us that every sunset is followed by a sunrise. It carries the power and energy of the sun god Ra, lending a blanket of warmth on cold, dark days. This is the center of our solar system inside a crystal, illuminating the crevices of the cosmic soul so you don’t have to pretend everything is okay, but instead manifest a reality where the sun shines everyday. Take back your power from the depths of depression with this powerful red crystal. 

Now this leaves the question: “how can we use these crystals for depression?” At the core of any spiritual practice lies the belief that our intentions manipulate the energies of the universe. Behind any successful practice is the unbreakably strong belief in our own power. Combine this with meditation, prayer, and candle work and you have yourself the perfect recipe for relieving depression. And let’s never forget the magical benefits of wearing crystals as jewelry!