Crystals for Meditation and Calming

When it comes to calming and relaxation, meditation can be a very beneficial practice on its own, but it’s even more effective and, like everything else in life, is more magical with crystals. Meditating with crystals is as simple as it sounds and you may practice with one crystal or two – although, personally I would suggest two to bring balance. One, a crystal of your choosing for harnessing its magical properties, and two, a clear quartz for cleansing and augmenting the energy of the other. Here are some of the best and most beneficial crystals for meditation and calming.

Amethyst calms and soothes the mind while promoting intuition and third eye visions. It quiets the mind and brings peaceful energies to help you unwind and fall asleep easily at the end of every day.

Garnet energizes and revitalizes the physical as well as the spiritual body. It is passionate and loving, stimulating the root chakra and helping to keep you grounded during meditation.

Quartz, specifically clear quartz gently cleanses and purifies the energy in your space and aura. It opens the eye of the mind to bring insight and wisdom where you may be lacking. Meditating with this crystal aligns the chakras and helps you to feel balanced.

Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energy and helps to stabilize the emotional body. It protects the mind and spirit against outside interference so you can focus on your own thoughts and feelings. Meditating with this crystal will help to minimize distractions.

Selenite cleanses, purifies, and recharges energy while offering uplifting vibrations. It revitalizes your auric energy as well as the energy in your space and your crystal collection. Pairing selenite with clear quartz is unadvisable as together they can cause anxiety and stress.

Citrine carries the vitality of the sun and brings happiness, joy, and creativity. It activates the solar plexus chakra to remind us of who we are and what’s important while lending its energy to restore confidence and courage.

Sodalite helps to organize thoughts and clear the mind of negative feelings. It puts your thoughts and feelings into perspective to help you see the bigger picture as well as the root cause of any emotional upset you may be experiencing.

Lapis Lazuli protects, inspires, and opens the psychic eye to promote spiritual growth and the development of higher consciousness. It is a stone of protection and communication, helping you to see things from a spiritual perspective, bringing reassurance and mental tranquility.

Tiger’s Eye strengthens and protects while boosting courage and self confidence. It brings good luck and good fortune in all aspects of life. Meditating with tiger’s eye will surely bring the answers and outcomes you seek, all while reassuring you of your position in life.

Whichever crystal or crystals you choose, remember that constancy is key. You can’t expect to see major changes in your life after only one meditation session and you don’t have to do it every day, but keep it regular. Maybe choose one day out of the week to unwind and relax with meditation.

The process is quite easy – you just need to clear your mind and keep it clear throughout. Find a comfortable position to sit in and close your eyes, while holding your crystal in both hands. If you’re using two crystals, then hold one in each hand. Preferably, your main crystal in your left hand to receive its energy and then your clear quartz or balancing stone in the right. You may also use black obsidian or black onyx to keep yourself grounded through your session. The time to start is today.