Manifesting with Moldavite and Candles

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Moldavite is quite the intrigue when it comes to transformation crystals as its uses date back to 25,000 B.C. It is believed to have originated from the historic meteorite that impacted earth some 14.8 million years ago and may give reason as to why it is so sought after, rare, and expensive. Its uses ranged from amulets to cutting tools and spearheads as people would seek its protective, transformative and manifestative powers. In modern day, it has become a popular stone in the spiritualist community, although many will warn against using it light-heartedly. This is a stone of ultimate and irrevocable transformation that brings many difficult changes, endings, and emotional turmoil as it rearranges your life for the better.

Zodiac: All – prominently Scorpio
Planet: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto
Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart
Element: Storm, Earth
Vibration Number: 2 & 6

As we all know, change is pain, and nothing worth having ever comes easy. In this short article we’ll take a look at how we can manifest with moldavite, its crystal pairings, and the help of candles.

Because of its high vibrational frequencies, moldavite has been known to have overwhelming effects on the wearer and many people have reported becoming light headed to the point that they had to remove the stone, which has led to the development of the term “Moldavite Flush”. To avoid any negative effects while working with moldavite, it’s advisable to pair it with a grounding stone such as black obsidian or black tourmaline. Given this, it would seem like it’s unadvisable to pair moldavite with other augmentative crystals, but herkimer diamond can be an exceptional partner as it opens the third eye and promotes psychic visions, assisting in the transformation and manifestation process that this curious green crystal promotes.

Fire magic has been used in rituals throughout history for as far back as the invention of fire, and has been incorporated in more modern times through the use of candles. Fire is said to be the most powerful of the elements as it lends its transformation and manifestation properties to your craft. Candles can be burned in a simple ritual by setting your intention behind it, but if you’re extra like I am, you most certainly can add other elements to your candle such as herbs, crystals, flowers, and sigils. For example, if your intention is to protect, you’ll incorporate the use of herbs and crystals with protective properties like basil, sage, and cloves as well as black obsidian, onyx, or black tourmaline.

For the purpose of manifesting, the candle flame is powerful enough, but when using crystals and herbs to help your cause, pair moldavite with a grounding stone like black obsidian or onyx and dress your candle with bay leaves (for its manifestation properties) and cloves or basil (for added protection). Sigils and runes are especially useful if that’s your style and can be generated with a quick bit of research. Carve them into your candle before or after you dress it, all the while focussing on your intention.

If you’re thinking about getting yourself a moldavite crystal, keep in mind that it’s one that demands respect. At the same time, keep things light and just go with the flow. If you’re harboring fear surrounding the use of this crystal, you’ll manifest that – but if you keep an open mind and expect good things, you’ll manifest that as well. Manifesting with moldavite and candles can be as simple as speaking your intention into the stone as you light a candle, and it can also be as extra as you like. Whatever your methods, always remember to be purposeful in your practices. Happy manifesting!