What Crystals to Put in Moon Water

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Moon water is not difficult to make, but when made correctly it can be a powerful cleansing and charging agent, and is the perfect substitute for crystals that are sensitive to sunlight. Depending on your intentions, and as each moon phase offers different energies, you’ll want to use crystals that suit those purposes and that are also safe in water. Let’s take a look at what crystals to put in moon water as well as which moon phases suit them best. 

Crystal Cleansing is best done during a new moon as this energy is perfect for release as well as for cultivating new experiences, opportunities, and beginnings. Moon water made during this phase makes for a powerful cleansing agent because of its carried properties which serve to release and relinquish anything that no longer serves your highest good. Here are some examples of crystals that are safe to put in moon water during a new moon.

Astrophyllite is perfectly water safe and can even be used to make elixirs in moon water, especially new moon water as this crystal helps to release negative mental issues such as depression, anxiety and stress, as well as anything that may be causing emotional imbalance. It instills intuition and stabilizes consciousness to help identify and manifest your desires with the full potential of your inner power. 

Labradorite is relatively safe in water, but should not be submerged for long periods of time as it can lose its luminescence. This crystal is particularly good for cleansing and setting intentions in the new moon as its properties offer change and transformation, as well protection from any sort of negativity. 

Rose Quartz is perfectly safe in moon water as long as the water is not being ingested as quartz crystals tend to be coated in chemicals that are water soluble and which will cause the water to become toxic. However, cleansing your rose quartz crystal in new moon water is perfectly safe and great for setting your intentions for new beginnings. This stone is exceptional for anyone wanting to boost their self-esteem and welcome love into their life. 

Crystal Charging is best done during the full moon as this energy carries strong manifestation powers. Moon water made during this phase is exceptional for charging your crystals with the natural power of the moon while it’s at its fullest. Essentially any and all water-safe crystals can be charged in full moon water as long as you purposefully set your intentions around the water itself as well as the crystals. Listed below are a few examples of water-safe crystals that are best suited to the energies of the full moon.

Clear Quartz, as the master healer, carries augmentative properties that can boost the power behind your intentions and help to manifest your desires more quickly. As it cleanses and purifies energy, it also has the ability to charge itself and other crystals with any intention instilled. Clear quartz is also water safe so it can be submerged overnight to fully charge it with full moon energy. 

Black Obsidian is a powerful grounding and manifestation stone that protects as well as it withstands water. This is a great stone for scrying and divination, allowing you to access psychic visions and determine the best route to take before and while setting your full moon intentions.  

Carnelian is a powerful stone of protection and good luck. It brings success in all your endeavors while providing good fortune in financial matters. This crystal attracts passion, courage, strength and all the positive attributes that one would wish to acquire during a full moon. Carnelian is perfectly water-safe, but should not be kept in moon water for long periods of time to avoid damaging the crystal itself. 

To charge your crystals in full moon water, fill a glass container with purified, clean, or rainwater and place your crystals inside. Leave it out in the moonlight for a few days, or overnight. For more information see our article on moon water crystal cleansing and charging.