Crystals For The Crown Chakra

When it comes to your Chakras, you can buy crystals that cleanse and balance all of them at once, or you can get crystals that help each one individually. The Crown Chakra is one of seven chakras, and it's the 7th Chakra at the top of the crown of your head. It's said to be connected to your spiritual essence and is linked to the divine or the universe and all universal wisdom. When you want to learn more about spirituality and your soul's purpose, this is the Chakra you want to be working with. This is a chakra that will open your mind to new possibilities and perspectives that you may not have thought of before. Working with this Chakra will help you on your path to enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment.

The color associated with this Chakra is usually violet or purple, and the thousand-petaled lotus is also associated with the Crown Chakra. The sound of this Chakra is OM or the sound of the universe that reverberates throughout the cosmos. It's said to be the first sound in the universe. Here are some of the crystals you can bring into your collection to help you open, balance, and work with the energy of the Crown Chakra.

Amethyst. One of the top crystals everyone should have in their collection. It's the best for working with the Crown Chakra too. It opens and balances the Chakra and purifies any negative energy. It can also protect you from any outside energy and negative thoughts. Plus, having this crystal around will increase your spiritual awareness.

Spirit Quartz. This is the perfect crystal for the Crown Chakra, it holds the energy of spirit and all of the divine messages that come forth through the universe. This crystal will help you tap into ancient wisdom so that you can use it to better your life and the lives of those around you.

Ametrine. A mixture of Amethyst and Citrine crystals, Ametrine helps to release blockages and beliefs that aren't serving you. It will also help you go within to find solutions to your issues. The Citrine aspect of the stone brings inner joy and positivity and helps you not to be too influenced by the outside world. It gives you a balance between your thoughts and actions as well as clarity and a new perspective. It can also help you in trusting yourself more.

Charoite. This crystal is gentle in its energy, which is great for people starting in their spiritual work. It helps you release old energy patterns so you can move forward in your life with a healthy perspective. It's great for deep transformations and understanding fears that hold you back. Also helps you make your own clear choices.

Clear Quartz. This is an excellent crystal for the Crown Chakra since it helps to create clarity in your mind, body, and soul. It also helps to purify negative thoughts and bring in positive ones.

Try a few of these crystals out in meditation or by wearing them and having them in your home to help open and balance your Crown Chakra.