Channeling Full Moon Energy With Crystal Ceremony

Creating a ceremony around the full moon can be a great practice to get into. The full moon is the mid-point of the 29-day lunar cycle. This is when the moon is fully illuminated by the sun. Throughout history, there have been full moon ceremonies practiced by many spiritual traditions and cultures. It's a time when emotions are amplified, which can sometimes cause discomfort, but it's also a good time to process emotions to move through them so you can move forward. It's also a good time to take stock of the seeds you've sown and the goals you've set and to have gratitude for the things that have manifested lately. It's also a time for creativity and expression.

So for new moon ceremonies, you will usually be setting intentions and goals for the future. Then at the full moon, you can take stock of what has manifested for you so far. The full moon is a great time to relax and just be present in your energy. It's also a time to charge up your crystals. The light of the full moon has an incredible energy that shines down on the world to charge up the vibrations and energy of you and other things.

You can put your crystals out under the moonlight to charge them up, for a full moon ceremony. You can also pair this with a crystal grid and set up the crystals in a formation to activate good energy and ground it in your space or on earth. If you have a garden you can set up there. Otherwise, you can always do this on a deck or a balcony, or your home in an area that gets the light of the full moon.

It's a good idea to write out all of the things that you're truly grateful for during the full moon. This helps you become present at the moment and to appreciate the life you have. Sometimes life can get so busy that you forget to appreciate all of the things you do have. So write out at least three things you're grateful for each full moon and see if you notice a positive change in your life. You can also gather with friends on the full moon to enjoy a small and safe campfire in your yard or in another outdoor area that you enjoy being in. Create a ceremony by going around in a circle and talking about the things that you've been grateful for in the past month, or something that was difficult and how you're experiencing that difficulty.

Since the full moon is all about amplified emotions, it's great to get out all of the emotions you've been holding onto and to let them out. So even if you're not with a group of people, you could just write them out on a piece of paper to process them and then burn them in the fire.