Crystals To Heal A Broken Heart

There are several ways to get your heart broken, and as anyone who has ever gone through heartbreak knows it takes time and emotional work to get through it. Whether it's the loss of a romantic relationship or a dream job, the only way to heal your heart is to deal with your feelings and confront your pain. The good news is that some crystals can help you work through those feelings.

You want to be able to forgive and let go of the pain that you are feeling. Crystals can act as guides in helping you to get through your heartbreak, and release those negative feelings you might be hanging onto. Crystals can act as guides and reminders of the loving, forgiving, and motivating energy that surrounds you. The following are some of the crystals you can use to help heal your broken heart and work through your feelings.

Bowenite is known as the stone of fidelity. It helps to release blocked or repressed emotions and is a powerful heart healer.

Danburite is also known as the emotional healer. This crystal facilitates emotional healing and will fill your heart with unconditional, universal love. It helps to dissolve heartbreak, bringing about inner peace, and helping to live with acceptance and love.

Kyanite or Ruby in Fuchsite is an emotional balancer that is profoundly healing for the heart. It is perfect for releasing heartbreak or grief. It reassures that it is safe to love again, and opens the Heart Chakra.

Peridot is also known as the Cleansing Power stone. It helps to teach you that holding onto people or the past, is counterproductive. It is a powerful cleanser, neutralizing toxins on all levels. It alleviates anger, jealously, and resentment. It enhances confidence and self-assertion.

Pink Opal is the stone of emotional healing. It helps to heal the emotional body and help to balance the Heart Chakra. It is an effective heart healer that disperses anxiety and wounds and dissolves painful memories that are blocking the heart. It is good for highly sensitive people, helping them to work slowly, and help them to let go of long-suppressed pain.

Rainbow Obsidian helps you to grieve the loss of a love. It allows you to feel the pain from a breakup as being a necessary part of the healing process. It helps you to release negative emotions and move forward. It helps you get through emotional pain because it helps to absorb negative energy. It also enhances your understanding and compassion as you go through your layers of pain. Rainbow Obsidian helps to replenish the Heart Chakra energy.

Rhodochrosite is the stone of Selfless Love. It teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings and identifies relationship patterns to learn from your past experiences. It is a powerful heart healer, bringing lightness into life. It is a compassionate stone that lifts a depressed mood.

Rose Quartz helps to heal heartbreak or disappointment. It attracts mutually loving relationships rather than codependent or abusive relationships, which may have been what you were previously drawn to. To use, place a piece of Rose Quartz beside your bed to attract a soul mate. Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for helping to heal a broken heart, and loss, it strengthens empathy, and sensitivity, and will enhance your interactions with others. Most important of all, it encourages you to forgive yourself, and anyone who has wronged you. It also enhances self-trust and self-worth.

Roselite symbolized forgiveness and unconditional love. It is excellent for emotional healing, soothing intense feelings, and releasing blockages. It enhances self-love and self-discovery.

Sulfur helps to remove negativity after arguments and is especially useful during a divorce. Crocoite and Melanite are also helpful for anyone going through a divorce.

Sunstone is known as the stone of Vitality. When going through heartbreak it can help to revitalize the body and lift your dark mood. If you have lost enthusiasm for life, it can help to motivate and give back self-empowerment. It dissolves codependency, ad supports independence.