Empower Your Vision Board With Crystals

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Achieving your goals is a wonderful place to be, but you don't get there without some work put in first. To start, you may write out or create a timeline for achieving your goals, and another practice you can try is putting those ideas into a vision board. A vision board creates a tangible form of the goal you want to achieve and creates an emotional response so that you can connect with your goals in a more concrete way.

The vision board usually consists of a large piece of paper, bulletin board, journal, or bristol board that you can put images and words on that help you connect to your goal or visualization. You can find these pictures in magazines and papers, or you can find images online and then print them out and cut them out to go on your vision board. Try and find images that create a good feeling within yourself and that sparks an essence of joy when you look at them. The idea behind doing this is that you are stimulating your brain to feel and think in the way you would when you have manifested the goal you have in mind. That way, your brain knows it's possible and starts to see all of the other things that line up with that to make it a reality.

It's not magic, though, so you still have to work on achieving your goals by putting in hard work and effort. Having a vision board just helps you stay on track and helps remind you of your goals so that you can keep your mindset on achieving them. Once you've made a list of your goals, search for photos that represent them, cut them out, and then paste or tape them to your vision board. Some people have a vision board for their entire life, for the year ahead, for the month, for a certain item like a house or a car, or even things they want to manifest eventually. It's up to you how you design yours.

Once you have your vision board ready, you can also use crystals to enhance the energy of the board. You can even use crystals while you're making your vision board too by doing a little ceremony with candles and crystals. The top crystals for manifesting include Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Moss Agate, Black Tourmaline, Fluorite, Angelite, Celestite, and Moonstone. You can use different crystals for different purposes, for example, if you're trying to manifest more abundance and financial stability, you can try some Pyrite or Jade. For manifesting-love, you can use Aventurine or Rose Quartz. Place your vision board in a safe place with your crystals nearby to amplify the energy of the board. Have some fun with it and see what you come up with.