Five Powerful Crystal Grid Formations

When it comes to setting up your Crystal Grid there are as many ways to do this, as there are crystals. There is no right or wrong way to set up your grid, as each is unique to the person who is setting it up. The most popular way to set up your Crystal Grid is with a sacred geometric pattern for which you can find templates to help with the task.

You can take cues from nature like the spiral in a flower or a seashell. There are also several other shapes and patterns you can use. You can leave your Crystal Grid template underneath the grid, or you can carefully slide it out once it is set up. You can print off templates from the internet, get from books, or draw your Crystal Grid patterns yourself. The following are just some of the patterns you might choose to use for your crystal grid and the reasons why you might consider them.

Five-Pointed Star or Square. You can use these patterns on their own, or pair them together to complement one another. The five-pointed star is a shape that brings about higher states of consciousness and deep meditation and helps transmute negative energies that may be in the room. Square grids have long been used by ancient cultures as a symbol of permanence, strength, and structure. To use, start by placing your center crystal then placing one crystal on each point along the perimeter of the pattern.

Flower of Life. The Flower of Life geometric pattern is created by overlapping evenly spaced circles. The overlapping circles create a symmetrical flower-like pattern that looks similar to a hexagon. You can use a Flower of Life geometric pattern for any intention. To use place your center crystal and then place the other crystals around the flower design wherever you feel drawn to do so, always making sure to keep the crystals symmetrical.

Hexagonal Grids. Hexagons are six-sided geometric shapes. Quartz is a good crystal to use with hexagonal grids as quartz's crystal system is also in a hexagonal pattern. This helps to make your intention crystal clear, going out into the universe with the least amount of resistance. You can use a hexagonal crystal grid for any intention. To use, place one crystal in the center and six crystals at each point around the perimeter of the hexagon.

Infinity Symbol (Leminscate) or Circle. The Infinity Symbol is a good shape to bring about an endless abundance of anything to include healthy, love, prosperity, wealth, and other intentions for any area in your life. The circle has long been a symbol of the infinite, perfection, and unity. The circle also represents the cycles of Mother Earth. The Infinity Symbol is also known as the Lemniscate represents the neverending. In Tibet and India, the Infinity Symbol represents duality, flawlessness, and unity between females and males. To use place the center crystal directly on the intersection of the shape and place the other crystals along the perimeter of the design.

Spirals. Spirals are patterns that are good when you are looking for creativity or expansion. Ancient cultures considered the spiral pattern to be connected with Mother Earth and positive feminine energy. When using a spiral pattern, you might look towards the precise Phi Spiral that makes good use of the Golden Ratio, which is said to express the beauty and wholeness in nature. When placing your crystals in a spiral pattern, start with your center crystal in the middle and radiate outward in the spiral with the placement of the other crystals.