Crystals In Ancient History

You will find references to crystals that date back to ancient times. The Atlanteans were said to have had advanced technology and power supply that was based on crystals and gems in jewelry, materials for building pyramids, and also magical burial rights. Crystals throughout time have served as powerful allies all over the world. Crystals have been around since the beginning of time, through millions of years of the earth transforming and working with them is a powerful way to connect with nature and that transformational energy.

Crystals were used by several Ancient cultures for protection in battle, against evil forces, and during travel. The Ancient Egyptians lined their tombs and inlaid the coffins of their pharaohs with crystals such as Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli to ward off evil and to provide for safe passage in the afterlife. The Ancient Roman sailors used Aquamarine crystal to protect them when at sea.

The Ancient Egyptians used ground up crystals to create cosmetics in a wide array of colors. The bright blue and green eyeshadow powder of Queen Cleopatra was made from the ground up Lapis Lazuli and Malachite crystals. The well-known Egyptian King Tutankhamen, had inlays of Lapis Lazuli crystal on his mask, with Black Obsidian in the pupils, Turquoise, Carnelian, and more.

Other Ancient civilizations used crystals for their spiritual practices. The Ancient Egyptians used them in their burial rituals, with Clear Quartz crystal placed over the foreheads of their dead as they believed that the crystal would help them in their journey to the afterlife. During the Han dynasty in China, the Chinese emperors were buried in elaborate suits made with Jade crystal as a symbol of power and wealth.

Crystal gridding techniques were part of the ancient temple building mysteries. In building the first step would have been to ask the diva/goddess for permission to build. This is when they might have found deep wells using dowsing methods to find vortex spots if water or magnetic energy points crossed and ran underground. These would become the power points where they would anchor sacred energy with a crystal grid. This would have been done before the foundation was built.

Today you will find crystals used extensively in technology. One example is that Crystal Quartz can conduct electricity and is used to keep time on watches. Crystals are used in LCD screens, LED, sonar, ultrasound, transmitter technology, and ratios. Silicon crystals are at the heart of technology with many rare earth minerals that are needed for all sorts of technology. Crystals are used in your television, phone, computer, and other electronic devices with LCD screens, which stand for liquid-crystal display. These LCD screens rely on liquid crystals to help produce images.

Silicon, which is one of the primary elements in Quartz, is the basic material that is used in solar panels and computer chips. Information that you store on a computer chip, uses a form of Quartz crystal.

Crystals have been around longer than humans have inhabited the earth, and are as popular now as they were in ancient times. Scientists are only beginning to understand the significance of crystals and the more that they are researched and studied, the more important they will become.