The Power Of Crystals And Crystal Grids

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Crystals Grids are a powerful energy tool that can be used to help manifest your intentions and goals. The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the crystals, sacred geometry, and your intention. You can use different grids for different intentions or goals. Whatever your intention or goal may be, you can create a Crystal Grid for a powerful combination of crystals to hold your intentions and to help you manifest them.

You will find Sacred Geometry used in crystal grids in the geometric patterns that are used. Sacred Geometry refers to the geometric structures that hold a cosmic significance. Many ancient and modern cultures adhere to sacred geometric forms in their architecture and other aspirations. Geometric patterns are the building blocks of nature. You'll find geometric patterns throughout the universe and they seem to be the favored way of energy transmission. Sacred geometry can be considered the universe's language and an important element of Crystal Grids.

In the home, you can create a sacred geometry grid with crystals to enhance the energy of the space. Crystal gridding techniques were part of the ancient temple building mysteries. In building the first step would have been to ask the diva/goddess for permission to build. This is when they might have found deep wells using dousing to find vortex spots if water or magnetic energy points crossed and ran underground. These would become the power points where they would anchor sacred energy with a crystal grid. This would have been done before the foundation of the building was built.

Sacred geometry patterns are traced out in a proper sequence and flow and then anchoring each of the points with crystals. A Crystal Grid calls in energies for protection, creating harmony, supporting you with abundance and manifestation. You can use different patterns and formulas to anchor the grids. Crystal grids enhance everything you do within a space, making it more multidimensional, more alive, vibrant, and highly creative.

Earth's Grid. According to ancient teachings and metaphysical research, the Earth is surrounded by a web of energetic grid lines that intersect at specific points around the world to create a type of power matrix. The Earth's crystalline iron core acts as the matrix. The Earth's grid has been given mention by ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Chinese, Hopi Indians, Mayans, and the Australian Aborigines. Plato also contemplated the existence of the Earth's grid upon discovering the information he said came from the lost Atlantis. It has been said that certain locations around the world are power sites such as where the pyramids sit and other sacred sites. Some Earth intersection points and grid lines that correspond with power sites include Easter Island, The Bermuda Triangle, and Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia to name a few. You could say the Earth's Grid is like one big Crystal Grid, with the crystalline iron core acting as the center stone.

When it comes to magical uses of crystals such as dreaming and Crystal Grids, you'll want to use Clear Quartz in your grid as it channels pure energy and amplifies the magic rather than coloring it. Clear Quartz also gives a pure connection to the hermetic ray and enhances it without distortion. When used in dreaming and Crystal Grids you want to stay true to the intention you set.