Healing Crystals For Headaches

Headaches are always around the corner; they are a widespread reaction to stress, but they are also how our body reacts to tiredness, frustration, and even boredom. Likewise, there is a whole range of physiological triggers for this type of pain, including back problems and digestive issues. These are all common causes.

Anyone who suffers headaches regularly knows that there is no simple approach and expect little from an aspirin. If this is your case, it is possible you realized that it might be related to your lifestyle, to the hours you work, or the late nights with poor sleep.

So our idea can be to start with a health-oriented mindset instead of a quick no-questions-asked approach. Harmony defines the intention behind this way of thinking.

I assume that you took the first essential step, which is a visit to the doctor. After that, there are two main reasons why life brings you to consider healing crystals for headaches and other discomforts. It could be that you are trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, and you know that crystals can help you with no adverse side effects; on the contrary, they are an integral part of a healthier “you.” The other possibility is that you are giving it some thought because abusing ibuprofen has not been fun.

Either way, I believe you will find a good starting point to discover a solution that works for you in the long term. It is essential to see that natural medicine can be incredibly beneficial, and it is so because it is not creating a problem along with every solution. Otherwise, you might get to a point where analgesics have no real effect on your discomfort while creating havoc in your digestive system.

The truth is that there are effective natural methods that can eliminate that pain without the need to ingest anything. We can have the medication as an alternative to use it on special occasions, instead of a way of life.

Stones For Headache Relief

By positioning crystals at strategic points on the body, we can promote symptom relief almost immediately. Additionally, we create a healthier flow of energy that will also benefit other areas of your body.

Clear Quartz is the first choice when thinking of healing crystals for headaches. It is popular and has been a favorite for a long time. Known for clearing the chakras and assisting the flow of energy through the chakras, we can place clear Quartz on any area of ​​the body to remove energy blockages. Its main characteristic is that it can amplify your energy; it will work with you in the way you intend. This means that you will empower any additional practice or healing meditation if you program this crystal with this general purpose in mind.

Amethyst is an excellent crystal to relieve headaches. Quickly eases pain by releasing blockages and allowing energy to flow.

Amethyst can be beneficial to relieve some types of headaches, especially those caused by excess muscular tension. These pains occur after an energy imbalance or blockage. By applying it where the contracted muscles hurt can help us release that energy, thus reducing pain. It is a highly cleansing stone that can remove stagnant energy. Amethyst brings harmony to the higher chakras (throat, third eye, and crown). Combined with the clear Quartz, you have a treatment.

A Clear Quartz and Amethyst Healing Massage

Suppose you are experiencing headaches and can be absent for a while from your activities. In that case, it may also be interesting to have a brief massage with crystals to relieve discomfort. The massage can be done by yourself or someone else and lasts about fifteen minutes. You will need one Quartz and one Amethyst. They will be easier to use on your skin if they are rolled stones.

You can do it yourself if you are alone at the time, but it will have better results if someone else is helping you. The procedure is the same in both cases.

Sit or lie on an armchair or sofa. Place your head on the backrest (or pillow if necessary). Your head should hang slightly backward. Now, place the crystals on your temples and massage them softly for about five minutes. You can start doing this with the Quartz in your dominant hand and then switch for another five minutes.

After that, place them with your hands close to the area where the pain is the strongest. Hold them and let them rest there for about five more minutes.

You will find that the pain diminished quite a bit, disappearing a bit later on its own.

Other Healing Stones

There are a few alternative healing crystals for headaches that we should acknowledge, in particular, if a do not have access to Clear Quartz and Amethyst. You could replace them with:


Having a unique composition, because it is a resin, Amber also has a powerful therapeutic effect, helping to clear the mind and free ourselves from emotional blocks that can cause headaches. It also helps to fill the body with positive and regenerating energy, bringing calm and harmony.


This crystal is especially suitable for those who are dealing with emotional problems that cause migraines or headaches. It helps express feelings and emotions more easily, bringing up the thoughts and feelings that we repress, bringing awareness over them.


Evoking the sun’s positive and radiant energy, Citrine radiates joy, optimism, and enthusiasm, effectively relieving headaches. This crystal also helps to regain balance and regain good shape, as it represents a very positive reinforcement. It also helps to alleviate digestive problems and stabilize diabetes.

You can cleanse all of these stones under cold water after applying them. If you are using Amber, you can rub it with a drop or two of olive oil once it is dry to maintain its transparency and shine.

An Energetic Solution: Yoga and Meditation with Crystals

On an energetic level, we find the issues before they manifest. You may have heard this before, and it may sound a little abstract, it is not. I am referring to the bodily sensations and feelings that will lead to a headache. If you had a stressful day, what creates the pain is your reaction to it. We might have difficulty avoiding frustration when things do not work out as expected, but being aware of the consequences of an exaggerated response may help us not give in to fits of anger or despair. It may not sound like the type of fix you are looking for right now, but it is part of a long-term solution.

A more stable mind results by engaging in a practice that brings more peace into our everyday life and shuns unnecessary activities that stress us. A good first step could be avoiding the morning news while having breakfast. Drinking your tea or coffee with a compilation of upsetting events disturbs the mind.


In recent decades, the number of people who practice yoga has increased exponentially, especially in the West. And there are already multiple scientific pieces of evidence that indicate the positive effects of yoga:

  • It relieves Chronic Pain: Helps control coronary artery disease, asthma and helps prevent diabetes.
  • It helps people who suffer from mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety.
  • Yoga improves healthy people’s psychological well-being, increases life satisfaction, and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Yoga reduces fatigue and increases our available energy.

On a physical level, yoga can help us lose weight, perform maintenance exercises for the body, improve flexibility, breathing, and blood circulation. But it is also a beneficial practice on an emotional level since it reduces stress and tension, helps us get to know our body a little better, and takes time to relax and improve our concentration.

Learning to relax and release tension will not hurt us, and we will see positive and fast results in our overall state of mind and energy.

Stretching the neck

This is an asana (posture) indicated to get rid of a headache.

Let’s describe the posture: the first thing you should do is sit cross-legged on the mat or a bed and stretch your back. First, bend your right arm behind your back, then turn your head toward your left shoulder. To do this, help yourself with the left hand but always without forcing the movement. When performing this action, you will notice how the right arm and the head are stretched in opposite directions. Do the same exercise on the opposite side.

Next, without bending your back, lower your head until your chin touches your chest. Do it carefully, without rushing and controlling the breaths so that they are even. Finally, stand up and stretch your arms up as if you want to touch the ceiling.


For the meditation, you can lie on your back, again on the mat or bed, placing the Clear Quartz (or any other of the sones we talked about) that you use for healing on your forehead. Leave your arms on the sides palms up and your legs comfortably apart. Now with your eyes closed:

  1. Please focus on the weight of the stone on your third eye and how it feels.
  2. Allow it to become a part of you. Feel it as an extension of your body as if it had always been with you.
  3. Then visualize a soft white light pouring from it, like honey, going all over your head, cleansing and relaxing it.
  4. Feel this white light going through your whole body until you are “made” of light.
  5. After five minutes approximately, return your awareness to the crystal as the visualizations fade.

Meditation has life-changing effects on anyone who has tried it for more than a week. You can think of it as an exercise to release that headache and calm your mind, and this is an excellent way to motivate yourself in the beginning. But it will surprise you in terms of its benefits in just a few weeks. Meditation helps clear the mind, allowing the things that matter to you to stand out. You will be able to think more clearly, being able to define what you need to do and what you do not. Crystals are great companions for meditation, but also they are good friends to a clear mind, bringing intuitions and extraordinary perceptions.

Deep Sleep

It is widespread in Asia, particularly in Japan, to see people asleep, sitting anywhere in public. They are so overworked that this is not uncommon.

Feeling exhausted is usually accompanied by an intense headache and even nausea, and sleeping at the office or on the train is not quality sleep.

Working longer hours than expected seems to be the rule and not the exception in modern times. This can drive us to stretch the time we are awake if we wish to have some family time, but eventually, exhaustion will affect us.

Sleep is essential to our wellbeing, and it could be the main reason you are prone to headaches, so we need to give it the place it deserves in our schedule. Even if we cannot make the necessary adjustments right away, we can gradually find a way to modify our lifestyle.

Deep sleep does not always happen on its own. A side effect of allowing more harmony in our energy body is a better quality of sleep. To further aid this, we can keep a Clear Quartz or a Lapiz Lazuli under our pillow for a night of deep restoring sleep.