Healing Crystals for Sore Throat

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We are getting more used to seeing health as a state, not as a lack of disease but a condition of our bodies and minds of inner harmony. Though it has been evident for a long time, we are just beginning to understand that balance in everyday life is at the core of healthy living, not in an abstract way but in measurable effects. For instance, we can know if our eating habits are good by simple blood tests, and if they are not, the consequences are widely known and expected. We are quite aware that stress can cause numerous issues to our bodies and minds.

It is a moment in which we look at alternative therapies as a complement of western medicine. Even a doctor may recommend one or two treatments with roots in energy work, either because he tried them or from patients’ experiences. When it comes to our bodies, we have enough information to ask the right questions. We are no longer tied to a single medical opinion. And we have learned to look towards the East, to gather the approaches developed through centuries, if not millennia, of tradition.

Among the wisdom we receive from the East, we came to know how human energy works in our bodies. The Indians talk about several energy centers through the body that sustains us and how an illness may affect them. In contrast, in turn, if weakened, these chakras affect the correct functioning of our organs.

A Realm of Energy

Crystal healing is genuinely an ancient technique, and the properties of crystals and gems have always been known.

Crystals and stones are living beings, or at least we should treat them as such to develop a prosperous relationship. They communicate with us in a harmonious and complex manner, which makes them unique. We may find it hard to consider them as creatures, but just like with plants, we can develop a relationship with them based on our mutual presence and feeling.

I am aware that it is difficult for us to understand conscious life when it comes to other sentient beings far removed from our human consciousness and perspective. But it is an exciting exercise in shifting our perspective and reconsidering existence.

There are many and very different types of crystals. Each kind has unique qualities that are different from the rest—so knowing these properties can help enhance or heal various aspects of our being.

In Crystal Healing, its properties of absorption and concentration of the energy of the environment are used. But even more interesting: crystals can be deliberately programmed to perform certain functions.

I love working with quartz crystals because of their versatility, but we will approach a more specific healing need, thinking of the best possible friend to aid us in this matter.

A Common Ailment: Throat Pain

Allergens or flu, and colds are the leading causes of throat irritation. It may begin suddenly, but it can turn into a painful sensation very quickly.

In most cases, a sore throat is a manifestation of allergies or respiratory diseases. Exposure to allergens or pathogens triggers an immune response. The intensity of the reaction can increase over time or repeated exposures.

What could these allergens be?

  • Animal hair or dander
  • Peanuts and nuts in general
  • Pollen and Flowers
  • Chemicals (in particular those manufactured with petrol)
  • Tobacco
  • And in fewer cases, a particular smell, even if soft, may affect the throat.

An Imbalance

Reacting to any of the above is very common. Perhaps we need to stay away from smoke, or cleaning products, or cats. However, our allergies and reactions are different if we face them from a place of balance.

A bacteria or virus may seem the scenario Western medicine prefers and has lots of chemicals for us to swallow, and one of those may be a good answer at that moment. But how did we get to that point? How is it that our immunity was taking a break, and we got sick that specific day? An extra component may be at play, such as stress or tiredness, or poor sleep. All of these imply a weakness of our energetic as well as our physical bodies.

That imbalance will be an opportunity to take time for yourself and relax. Our intention is to reach stones and crystals’ energy to help us restore the balance between body and mind. In the same way that the chakras reflect an energy imbalance, a healing crystal for sore throat helps our intuition to identify our blockages and free ourselves from them.

These stones will have a notable impact on our well-being and our emotions. In turn, this will also influence our skills and abilities.

But how do you choose the right stone for the corresponding chakra?

Each chakra has its correspondences, and these have evolved over centuries and the experience of generations. This is a far-reaching field of study and is reflected in many contemporary energy based disciplines and therapies.

Let’s take a look at the throat.

The Throat Chakra (Viśuddha, meaning “especially pure” in Sanskrit)

The throat chakra or fifth chakra is located in the throat, above the clavicle. The meanings of the throat chakras are associated with speaking, hearing, and communication in general.

As you can see, his characteristics revolve around the concept of “speaking.” It has to do mainly with communication and self-expression in its most profound levels. Feeling silenced or lacking freedom can be experienced as a blockage in this chakra.

This chakra in the physical body is strongly associated with the thyroid gland’s health. The chakras’ primary function is to manage and nurture the bronchial area, esophagus, nose, ears, and mouth.

A Throat-Friendly Attitude

The way in which we seek harmony in this chakra is connected to a broader concept of communication. Ensuring that you have a healthy throat area starts with a sincere and honest expression of your ideas, hearing your inner voice, and respecting who you are.

This is why saying what you have been holding back aloud is quite therapeutic even if no one is hearing. This happens not only because you are saying it, but because you hear it, you listened to the words with all their weight; they are “out” in the universe.

Throat Chakra Stones

Throat chakra crystals aid physical throat health and benefit the etheric areas that this chakra governs.

Before using any specific crystal with this chakra, you may want to perform a cleansing of your whole body or take a relaxing bath; both will help with the energy body’s predisposition. This will aid in the overall flow of energy.

Blue Kyanite can be used as the primary healing crystal for sore throat, but you can also use it on all your chakras, and it will work to align them. The most popular form is Blue Kyanite, and as this is the throat chakra color, it is the best to use in this case.

If there has been any damage to the throat region, Kyanite will act on the area by closing the energy gaps and improving the healing process.

Additionally, Blue Kyanite emanates energies that stimulate your psychic abilities, including clairaudience or psychic hearing, and is connected to telepathy.

After using the Kyanite, keep using any of the specific throat chakra crystals. This chakra mainly resonates in the color blue. Many stones can connect to this chakra: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine, and Blue Sodalite.

Emerald is also a highly recommended healing crystal for sore throat when there are problems with blood circulation. It further neutralizes negative energies that can affect the body and help treat issues related to the throat.

As you increase the flow of energy into the area for which this chakra is responsible, you may find that changes occur.

If you need to develop better self-expression, working with crystals for communication in the throat chakra can help.

How to use the Chakra Stones

Keeping the chakra crystals close to the throat area can improve the area’s flow of energy. If you are prone to throat allergic reactions, you may use lapis lazuli earrings and find that they help or any type of necklace.

When pain or discomfort is present, we need a more direct approach to relieve it.

A Session for Yourself

This should be a moment of relaxation and well-being. You cannot perform a chakra recharge session anytime, anywhere. You have to feel a particular disposition, preparing yourself and your setup. Everything you do is part of this process from this point onwards. Do not hurry The stones and crystals you are about to use should have been properly cleansed and kept. This is an essential part of the method because you do not want to add more imbalance to your present situation. You need clear, healing, open energy that restores your body.

It is also advisable to purify the room where you will practice the chakra harmonization session using a sage bundle (which you can make yourself) or incense stick. First, we will place ourselves on a flat surface, as close to the ground as possible.

It is by placing the stones in the body’s different energy centers that their properties can come into action. We do this through a few easy steps:

  1. In this case, we will start by laying down and placing the stone on our throat.
  2. Let your breath relax, but do not force any particular rhythm.
  3. Allow the weight of the stone to focus your attention on your throat. This is now the center of your body.
  4. “Feel” the stone with your mind, be present in it, and allow your energy to embrace it.
  5. Visualize a blue-ish light growing inside it and encompassing your chakra too. Ask the stone for healing and balance in your own words, just as if talking to a friend. Try not to lose focus of its weight as this will keep the experience in the body and not inside your head.
  6. After a few minutes, allow the visualization to dissolve and give thanks to the stone.

After this type of work, I like to leave my crystals in the sun if possible. -the sun also cleanses and empowers the stones.

A disease, or a sharp pain, or a relentless cough is a stop sign. If we pay no attention to it, we are mistreating our bodies. If we are annoyed by the signals our body gives us, we are not listening to ourselves.

Healing can be the first thing that comes to mind, the first step that we take when there is turmoil in our life. Even if it was not a big thing. We do not need to wait until we are really frustrated to take the steps we know can change how we feel. There is always a way to improve where we are in our lives, and it is still more manageable if we course correct early.

A similar process can be used as a frequent meditation, maybe to expand your communication skills in general, improve your public speaking, or better understand those around you. On an even deeper level, this can be a tool to develop intuition about how others feel and what they cannot fully express. This can open the door to very positive changes in our lives; we might begin keeping a healing crystal for sore throat or for meditation and gradually find a wide range of natural therapies in which we can trust.