How To Have A Crystal Wedding!

When you think of your wedding day you want it to be special, a day when you are feeling happy and at your best. One way to bring some natural energy into your special day is by incorporating crystals at your wedding. Using crystals as part of your wedding day will help to amplify the energy of love. You don't need to spend a fortune to make them a part of your day, there are simple ways that you can add them to your wedding without breaking the bank.

Crystals for Your Bridesmaids. Wondering what gift to give your bridesmaids? If you love crystals, then give crystals as gifts is a great idea. They are a special reminder of your wedding day, and it's something they will always treasure. You might give each one a piece of Rose Quartz to represent the love and the gratitude you have for them.

Line the Aisles. Similar to setting up a crystal altar, place a crystal at the end of each aisle. This is a lovely addition and a great way to elevate and unify the energy of the room.

Crystal Centerpieces. Depending on how much you want to spend on decor, you can either choose large crystal clusters or geodes, or natural smaller crystals or crystal points. It doesn't matter the size of the crystals, because they will sparkle either way. One idea is to use some Clear Quartz to help cleanse and clear the energy of the space so that it increases the positivity in the room.

Crystal Place Settings. Mark each guest place setting with a small crystal that is meant to be their wedding take-home gift. Scribe their name nicely on a card, and place the card beside the crystal.

Something Blue. Celestite. The wedding tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue is another way you can add crystals to your special day. Something blue is a chance for you to add a little crystal energy. One option is a Celestite crystal which carries calming powers that can help to relieve any nervousness before you walk down the aisle. Wire a piece of Celestite into your wedding bouquet, sew a piece into your wedding dress or make a hairpiece with a piece of the crystal. Taking slow breaths with a Celestite crystal will help to bring balance into your mind.

Celestite holds gentle, uplifting energy that helps to relieve anxiety, sadness, and heavy moods. It is a creative stone especially useful for music and art. Useful when you've been thinking too much, it is the perfect solution to your overburdened mind. Benefit from its calming energies the night before the big day as it promotes restful sleep.