Using Crystals To Reduce And Diffuse EMF's And Electro Magnetic Smog!

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields and is the measurable, invisible field that is produced from electrically charged objects. EMF is energy moving through space in specific electromagnetic waves, such as light or radio waves. The main types of EMFs that have been linked to adverse health effects and include dirty electricity, electric fields, magnetic fields, and radiofrequency.

Dirty electricity sources include electrical wiring, household dimmer switches, fluorescent lightbulbs, smart appliances, and solar panels.

Electric field sources include charging stations, extension cords, electrical appliances, household electrical wiring, and power strips.

Magnetic field sources include cell towers, electric clock radios, electric vehicles, electrical panels, high voltage power lines, and power meters.

Radio Frequency sources include baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, electric vehicles, smartphones, microwave ovens, LTE/3G/4G/5G cell networks, and Wi-Fi.

Exposure to high amounts of EMFs can disrupt your electromagnetic systems within your body, and reduce your body’s natural ability to regulate and heal. The good news is that there are simple ways to limit your EMF exposure. A healthy lifestyle and reducing your exposure to harmful EMFs can help your body adjust, heal and recover. Small adjustments can help in your protection against EMFs. The following are some of the things you can do to reduce your EMF exposure.

1. Always keep laptops, and tablets on desks or tables, never on your body or lap.

2. Add more plants. Plants help to clean the air. Aloe vera, Cactus, Peace Lilies, and Snake plants are all great at helping to absorb radiation.

3. Black Tourmaline, Shungite, or Smokey Quartz placed around computers, modems, and televisions.

4. Grounding mats are a good idea for your bed and desk and grounding shoes when you go outside.

5. Never use your laptop or phone while it is plugged into the charger.

6. Remove all electronics from your bedroom. Use a battery-operated alarm instead of a cellphone alarm.

7. Reduce the number of smart devices you have on or around your body. This includes Bluetooth headphones, electric toothbrushes, step counters, and watches.

8. Turn your phone on airplane mode while you are in the car. Your car acts as a metal amplifier for EMFs, so when your phone is trying to receive cell signals and Wi-Fi, those frequencies are bouncing around the car.

9. Use speakerphone or tube earphones for phone calls, never against your body.