The Best Crystals For Your Garden

When Spring comes around many people look forward to being in their gardens after a long winter. Even if you don't know much about gardening, it can be pretty easy to get started so long as you stick with plants that are easy to grow and give them adequate water and light. Fertilizers, organic plant foods, and composting can give your plants an extra boost to survive and thrive. Some people like to sing to their plants or put statues of gnomes or fairies in their gardens. Gardening Feng Shui techniques can create good energy in the garden, and you can learn which plants grow best together to create harmony.

Crystals can also be a part of your gardening endeavors. You can use crystals to bring specific energies into your garden that can help the plants grow and stay strong throughout the season. Both plants and crystals come from the earth so they will work harmoniously together to achieve balance.

Working with these garden crystals can also activate your energy and intentions and help you connect with nature in a deeper more profound way. Think of gardening as a meditation or a spiritual practice where you are mindful and enjoy each motion and movement with purpose and joy. You can use just one type of crystal or a variety depending on your collection. The following are some of the best crystals to implement into your garden.

Green Aventurine. This crystal helps to take pressure or strain off of the environment. It's a protective stone that will protect the plants from the effects of pollution. A crystal of prosperity, that can also help your garden grow abundantly, assisting plants in thriving in their environment.

Clear Quartz Crystal. Wonderful for practically everything, you can program with an intention for a thriving garden and watch it unfold before your eyes.

Tree Agate. This crystal holds Earth energy within it bringing safety and stability into your garden. It helps your garden grow with positivity and promotes perseverance. So if your garden isn't in ideal conditions, this stone would be a perfect stone to help your garden.

Rhyolite. The perfect stone for a succulent garden, or cactus garden. It's a balancing stone that will help to keep the energy of the garden harmonious and nurturing so plants can grow beautifully.

Green Calcite. This stone holds the energy of fertility which is perfect for a garden. It also has an energy of encouragement helping the garden to grow strong and bountiful.

Moss Agate. Known as the gardener’s talisman since it's a stone of birth and fertility. This agate is green like the plants on the Earth, so it can also help to stimulate the production plans and their steady growth.

Use one or more of these crystals in your garden or even in your house plants to see them grow hearty and strong. You can also make crystal grids in your garden to activate even more powerful energy that will bring abundance and a lush garden for you to enjoy all season long.