Nine Powerful Crystals Used By Psychic Mediums

A psychic medium can tune into a person's energy and work with them on different aspects of themselves and their life, or they can also pick up on the energy of loved ones who have crossed over, bringing messages to the living. They are especially prone to get drained and overwhelmed since they are constantly picking up on information and energy from other people, animals, situations, and even objects.

All psychics need to protect themselves from lower vibrations or toxic energy so that they can maintain a connection with their intuition and their guides or higher power. Spirit energy functions on a different plane than people on earth do, usually what is known as the etheric plane. The etheric plane is entirely energy and relays messages through feelings, thoughts, sounds, or vibrations. A psychic can interpret these messages through clairsentience which is clear knowing, clairvoyance which is clear seeing, and clairaudience which is clear hearing.

Crystals are made of energy and are very connected to the spiritual and etheric realms which is why they are great tools for anyone especially for psychics to use in their sessions. The following are some of the crystals helpful for psychic mediums.

Clear Quartz. This is one of the main crystals used by psychics. It amplifies energy so that the psychic medium can understand the messages being transferred.

Rose Quartz. This crystal brings in the energy of nurturing and compassion.

Amethyst. are two other types of quartz that work in a similar way to Clear Quartz and bring in their benefits as well. Amethyst brings in the energy of relaxation and intuition.

Tiger's Eye. A grounding and empowering crystal that helps bring through positive messages that the listener needs to hear to empower themselves.

Agate. are also great for grounding which is necessary when working with higher frequencies like angels or guides. It's also important for psychics to protect themselves too, so protective stones like

Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Black Kyanite, and Black Onyx should also be incorporated into a psychic medium's toolbox. These crystals will create a protective shield around the psychic so they are not harmed by outside influences and so that they can remain clear-minded. Even if you're not a psychic medium and you're just sensitive or want to increase your intuitive abilities, these crystals will work beautifully for you as you unlock your inner potential.