20 Crystals To Have In Your Collection

Whether you're just starting to collect crystals or you've been a long-time collector, there are crystals you're going to want to have. Crystals can improve your general state of wellbeing, and can aid on all levels whether it be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The following are 20 crystals to have in your collection.

1. Clear Quartz. Known as the Master Crystal, it generates positive energy that restores the aura and cleanses the Chakras. It helps you to stay focused and have a clear mind.

2. Amethyst. Its calming energy helps you relax and be at peace. It is connected to divine energy and can assist you in connecting deeply with your intuition.

3. Rose Quartz. This is the stone of unconditional love, helping you embrace self-love and self-acceptance. It allows you to process your emotions and release them.

4. Selenite. This ethereal looking crystal has a high vibration that bridges earth and spirit. Place Selenite in your home to bring in positive energy which also ushers in a feeling of safety and peacefulness.

5. Black Tourmaline. This stone deflects negative energies and protects against electromagnetic radiation from computers and electronics. It can also help you sleep better at night and bring you good energy throughout the day.

6. Labradorite. This is a strong energy protector that also enhances intuition. If you are sensitive to other people's energy it will help protect you from taking on their issues.

7. Carnelian. This is a stone of good fortune and prosperity, it helps motivate you and energize you to achieve your goals. It attracts abundance which will create security and stability. Its grounding energy anchors you to Earth and can protect you from the emotional effects of other people's anger and rage.

8. Fluorite. This stone clears the mind and enhances clear thinking. It promotes creativity and intuition allowing you to have your thoughts unwavered by the thoughts and opinions of others.

9. Shungite. Restores your emotional equilibrium, bringing a sense of peace and calm. It transforms negative energy into positive energy and can protect against EMFs.

10. Green Aventurine. It helps to keep your energy levels balanced making it easier to stay motivated. It diffuses confrontational situations allowing for peace. It protects the heart and emotions and brings in good luck and abundance.

11. Citrine. This is often called The Prosperity Stone since it helps you stay true to your path which will bring you abundance. It radiates joyful energy and gives you a boost when you're feeling low. It also helps to clear toxic energy so everything can flow smoothly.

12. Bloodstone. It is thought to enhance and stimulate the immune system and the circulation of the body. It helps to calm anger allowing you to process it healthily.

13. Blue Lace Agate. Helps with communication and the ability to express yourself through your authentic voice. It's a stone of empowerment and assertiveness. It helps you to set boundaries as needed and to feel self-validated, so you're not seeking validation in others.

14. Sodalite. Calms panic attacks and soothes anxiety or nervousness. It can also help you in learning to overcome fears or phobias, as well as learning how to be less defensive and more gentle.

15. Red Jasper. Connects you with your passions so that you can live an enjoyable life filled with purpose.

16. Flint. A great grounding stone that you can hold onto when you're feeling confused or spaced out.

17. Smoky Quartz. This stone helps you detoxify and cleanse your energy bringing in things that will serve you. It is a protective stone that pairs well with other protective stones.

18. Opal. A stone that can be quite expensive but worth finding and adding to your collection. It activates your intuition and spiritual path. It purifies your entire energy system and tunes you in to your higher self.

19. Obsidian. This stone offers spiritual protection. Use it in your home, workplace, or even your car.

20. Jade. A stone of good luck and prosperity. This is a stone to keep with you when you go on business meetings or when you're doing important work. It opens the Heart Chakra too.