Dark Energy Guardians - Bundle Pack

$26.95 $49.00

Featuring FIVE of the stones most well known as dark energy protection allies!

Included in this bundle:

TEKTITE: Called by some, the most powerful dark energy protection stone on earth.
OBSIDIAN: Forged in the heart of volcanic upheaval, it knows how to ground and stabilize in tumultuous times!
TOURMALINE: There is a reason that everyone is talking about tourmaline. It's negative energy nullifying properties are well known amongst the crystal community!
VOLCANIC ROCK: Which pairs especially well with Obsidian, the energy of these two stones synergizes and balances.
BLACK KYANITE: As the ultimate transmutation tool of unwanted energy frequencies into harmonious and balanced energies!

Vigilant Five: Dark Energy Guardians Bundle Pack

This very special limited time Vigilant Five protection pouch set can be yours today, for 65% LESS then when purchased as a BUNDLE pack!

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Also included: The velvet carrying pouch, so that you can keep your guardian bundle pack close at hand in your purse or pocket!

Dark Energy Protection Collection

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