Citrine Tumbled Stone


💚Citrine - Cyrstal of Abundance, Joy & Manifestation

Tumbled Stones Benefits: The organic, rounded shape of natural tumbled stones promotes a gentle and harmonious energy flow. It allows for a comfortable grip during meditation or energy work and encourages a more natural connection with the stone's inherent properties.

💚Citrine with its golden hue instantly elicits happiness and joy. It’s like a ray of welcome sunshine bringing warmth, vitality, and positivity to whoever sees or holds it. It is also associated with the Greek goddess Demeter of harvest, grain, and fertility

💚In crystal energy work, Citrine is associated with the Solar Plexus. This golden yellow gemstone is said to awaken the solar plexus, cultivating personal power.

Size *All sizes are approximate. *Each one of a kind crystal will vary slightly.
Tumbled Stone Sizes
📏 1"-1.5" 
📏 3cm - 3.81cm

WHY ITS AWESOME? Citrine is truly remarkable and has several awe-inspiring qualities. One of its most captivating features is its vibrant golden hue, resembling the warmth and radiance of the sun. Known as the "stone of abundance," citrine is associated with prosperity, success, and manifestation. It carries the energy of joy, optimism, and positivity, uplifting the spirit and promoting a positive mindset. Citrine is believed to enhance creativity, increase self-confidence, and attract wealth and abundance into one's life. It is also thought to cleanse and energize other crystals, making it a valuable addition to any crystal collection.

WHAT IS CITRINE? Citrine is a beautiful yellow to golden-brown variety of quartz that captures the warmth and radiance of sunlight. Geologically, citrine forms when amethyst, another variety of quartz, undergoes a transformation due to heat and pressure deep within the Earth's crust. This process causes the iron impurities present in amethyst to oxidize, giving citrine its vibrant color. Citrine crystals often have a transparent or translucent appearance, allowing light to pass through and showcase their inner glow. As a crystal lover, you can appreciate the natural alchemy that occurs within the Earth, resulting in the formation of this sparkling gemstone that symbolizes abundance, joy, and positive energy.

WHERE IT'S FOUND? It  can be found in various countries worldwide, including Brazil, Bolivia, Russia, and Madagascar.

MYSTIC LORE, LEGEND & DISCLAIMER: Through the ages, crystals and stones have been collected and prized for their timeless beauty, for their rich history and even their spiritual and metaphysical properties! We believe in the mystical properties of crystals, but please be aware... nothing we sell comes with any sort of magical guarantee! 😉

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